The story:

The first blog 'The Very Unfrench Wife' came to life at my dining table in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I had realised sadly, that I couldn't stand another minute in the very strange Magic Kingdom! As we were mid buying a Wreck in France, it made sense that I put down roots there. I also knew from experience that I would need some online friends, the opportunity to make real live friends and so I used my previous media experience and so my personal blog was born! 

I ended up moving into a pretty rental farm house in rural Normandy on a gloriously sunny day in early April 2017! Him and I had flown in to Paris CDG, hired a car and drove to the house. Our son collected our youngest from boarding school in the UK and arrived at the house just 20 minutes after us! Within 20 minutes they were both playing badminton barefoot on the front lawn. Life suddenly felt a tad more normal! 


A few short weeks later he was off back to work in Saudi, our kids returned to the UK and my life began in Normandy for real. It was very quiet people wise, my neighbours were not terribly friendly but there was plenty of wildlife to hold my interest. My fur companion Bertie joined me on our long country lane walks. I managed quite well day to day, shopping, cooking, gardening and the like. I was still publishing recipes in the UK, so that filled some time. I continued to build the blog and met many like minded ladies online who appeared to need UNFRENCH as much as I did! He came back as much as he could and we would happily play tourists when he did. It really felt like a never ending holiday in those early days. Idyllic, plenty of sun, wine and wonderful French cuisine! 

On the 7th of June 2017 we signed for the Wreck, which I can now admit to never really loving and still it sits waiting to find love. Sadly on the 27th of June I dealt with some major health problems and underwent major surgery in Paris and so began a 2 year long recovery. Of course the ever growing blog meant that everyone went on my recovery journey with me warts n all. 

Eventually, after a tough year trying to recover from surgery, I decided to rejoin my husband and put all thoughts of a life in France on the back burner for a while. It made sense that the by then popular blog continue to survive without me and I made the decision to have it run under a caretaker.


In February of 2019 I joined my husband in Canada for one year only, but by the May I was pretty much twiddling my thumbs and a bit lost. It was time to reinvent the wheel and take UnFrench from a personal blog to a community blog! 

In February of this year (2020) I arrived back in France to try again and you can follow my story and many other stories of life in France as an Expat, right here! Of course there is a lot more to this life in France journey, but I think we are saving at for the book! 

THE VERY UNFRENCH WIVES EU was born in May of 2019 with a new website and format. The community blog now has around 36k in Facebook followers alone. We also now have a whole host of contributors helping many, many expats settle into life in France from all over the world! 


If you are reading this, you are also in search of our French lifestyle blog, welcome home. 



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