18615 days

On this planet and counting!

I feel so terribly lucky, I do and know, I have family and friends that haven't made it this far, or not far enough in my opinion.

As I've always said 'life is for the living not the dead' and I feel very fortunate to be alive and kicking!

Age is just a number!

Age is a gift?

I truly believe so and I'm grateful to open my eyes every dam day, I hope you are too?

So today was 51 years on this mortal coil and I'm 'cockahoop' about it!

Why wouldn't I be?

I love birthdays.

They are a celebration of my birth day but best of all, no excuse needed for a glass or five of fizzy bubbles!

Only today has been quite challenging!

Shit happens.

The bloody Range Rover!

Why you gotta be so mean?

Please be kind! Please!

Won't even bother to go into details....okay I will....it's in the 'chop shop' waiting for a part...........erm...'Dear life...... we have kids to fetch from the airport tomorrow'!

The bill stands at a whopping 1000 dollars so far!

Jesus, Joseph and Mary!

As Clare says, it's a 'Friday afternoon car'.

Temperamental, just like me!

Never mind eh!

T'is what it is!

Worse things happen at sea and all that!

Down to the wire......of course! Our educationally sourced part isn't the right one and we've got a wheel wobble again.....I mean come the fudge on Canada!

Your roads are pretty shit!

Get a grip!

Anyway....we are off on our 'Jollies', Friday, Range Rover and mechanic willing!

Not quite the day he planned, eh!

Well......birthdays last a year, right?!

It's okay! There was plenty on my 'to do list'.....I spent some time tidying up the website. Why not!

Things on, things off......gotta get it right, make it pretty for you!

I promised you that right?

Right now?

I'm listening to the Dixie Chicks 'I'm getting older too', perfect, don't you think? Also drinking Vino Collapso!

He's supposedly cooking but there's been a break in production already! On the first slice (with my new knife) he's cuts half his bloody great big meat plates off!

Blood everywhere!


I really shouldn't exaggerate....just a paper cut with a 'Jamie Oliver' knife and he's used to cuts, eh! Lol

So, Yorkshire pinny on and he's so relieved!

So am I...........I want cow flesh in my Chinese Beef and Broccoli not human flesh!

Can't get the staff! Bless him!

Oh he is a love and I do love him, but you know what..... think I will be leaving him soon and heading back to France, you need me more than him, right?

I think so.

Got a new fancy Iphone XR this morning don't yah know, which in itself was a huge challenge..........problems with passwords and being at war with early onset and all that!

Jokes aside, it's a middle-aged curse and a half!

I can't remember bugger all these days! Can't even remember to write it down!

I need a PA!

Him in Doors is my current Personal Assistant and I am his.

I do feel a 'Note Book' moment coming on awhhhhhhh.........just can't help wondering if he's loosing a few too many marbles along the way and we will both end up in the funny farm!

How will this end?

God knows!

Aging...looks good on me my lovelies.....sorry, .what was your name again?

D x

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