24 hours in Blighty!

But first! Happy Valentines Day to those of you that aren't too lazy or miserable to spend a little extra thought and time on your true love today!

I don't buy into that love everyday bullshit, sorry! We all get complacent. Yes, we know it's yet another day made commercial but you don't have to subscribe to that nonsense, just appreciate the love in the air! A home cooked meal, make your own card, pick some flowers, quaff some wine and a few extra kisses with a sheet shuffle is all!

I know, this little little love bug remains defiantly romantic and very unapologetic! It's a bit like men that don't bother with a pressies for the wife at christmas. So bloody lazy! Not happening in my house, my man is trained! I will not have apathy in our marriage. Simple. I am however happy for him to get it wrong as long as he keeps the receipt!

Tonight, I will make him take me out for grub washed down with quaffable French Fizz. He's off back to work proper (not that he ever stops working) on Sunday! I'm glad because he will pick up Fizzy who's been in kennels for two weeks, poor thing! He will be back in another fortnight to help me with the timely arrival of the shipping. Then we will enter a couple of weeks of moving hell and lots of trips to IKEA.


I'm typing with one eye open today. This eye infection was on the wane last night but is back with vengeance! Stupid immune system, letting me down again! Although, I do have to say, my visit to Mayenne hospital was pretty slick. Seen, treated and out within 20 minutes! French health care at its best and a cabinet full of meds for what? Three years!

Friday was a 'computer says no' day! Orange said no to my new address....apparently it doesn't exist. Then we went to the vet to do the tapeworm thing, for Bertie to join us on the quick Uk trip. Vet said don't even try as the sticker for his rabies isn't on his French passport! Cue a another 15 million quid getting the dogs re vaccinated and paperwork to impossible French standards.

Next up was importing my car! Computer said no again!

IMPOTS wants UK paperwork. We have a uk car but re registered in Canada. DVLA say they can't help!

This is fun!

Anyway, we tripped to UK via the tunnel and to be fair it was painless. Cost 70 euros. Got to the terminal on the French side and because we had booked a dog on but clearly didn't have one, it was 101 questions!

'Have you dumped your dog in France sir?'

Er....really! Yes really! Apparently people do that!


No, he's happily in kennels in Normandy! We are responsible dog owners, thanks!

We got to UK and having been in Canada for a year everything looked shrunken! What a TWEE place Britain is! Oh and my god driving in UK in a French car is bloody scary! Don't like it at all!

Anyway, we did an M&S, gluten free sausage sweep and then to Waitrose for pantry stuff! Cue the militant bastards that think we should not hanker after anything remotely British! We of course by their standards should have morphed into a french natives by now! Right?

Oh do bugger off!

Of course he moaned all day long about shopping but I wasn't listening! We also managed GF Fish and Chips down by FOLKESTONE harbour and tummy ache thereafter.

Final stop was a very decent QUINTESSENTIALLY english pub in Littlebourne! It was great! Log fire...........dark corners for dark deeds. A pretty good gin list! Bed was a little creaky but other than that 10/10 for me! Gosh how I miss a good British pub! Finally it was back to the tunnel with our haul and just like that, we were back in sleepy Normandy!

Today is an exceptionally busy day here, I've heard at least one car and the church bells.......!


D x

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