24 little hours

So we have the mortgage verdict and we also now know why it's a NO all round. Won't go into massive detail but mostly it's the way his contract has been worded. It makes his job look temporary as hourly paid. Again, I can't go into it, wouldn't be fair to my hard working man but the rising cost of our year in Canada continues.

That bloody company sold him lemon after sour lemon!

Shit happens.

We've got to give ourselves time to process everything I guess? Nothing but time to work out a plan C. In some ways I wish we could stay in this cottage, until we can make it all work better? I really don't need the stress and expense of yet another move for no good reason!

Then we sit and go through the reasons why not?

No rubbish collection

No decent internet

Post rarely finds us and also why we don't have normal internet!

No Garage

No storage

No room for my family to visit

Our world goods are in a strangers barn and some is still stuck in Canada

Our lives are a pickle right now!

I can hear the tv even though its on really low, because the lounge is next to the bedroom. Essentially the cottage is one bedroom. The Teen is up in the loft space with zero privacy as there are no doors and it's above the lounge. This family isn't living a normal life here, just a temporary one.

It's really hard to imagine a full winter here to be honest. We outgrew the cottage in just a few months. I've said before its not awful but it's was only supposed to be temporary. Would have been dandy for me on my own had he gone back to work abroad. Then the Teen also arrived home and not for the few weeks here and there that we thought.

COVID has changed everything.

What to do?

No clue right now.

There are worse things in life I guess.

I will just have to wait to throw up that wallpaper a while longer I suppose.........!

He's watching Grand Designs but I can't stomach it tonight. I really don't fancy watching other folks build their dream right now, thanks.

I think what upsets me the most is, pre COVID the dream was doable and now it's not. If only we had known but hind sight is not a gift either of us possess sadly.

I have a hundred ideas for UnFrench, but I'm not making the mistake of starting something I can't finish! It is what it is, but I do feel the pause button has been pressed on our lives moving forward yet again.

Time will tell.

D x


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