40 days and 40 nights....

I really shouldn't have looked at the weather forecast a few minutes ago!

For the next ten days the menu is RAIN and more RAIN! Oh dear and now I have to go build an ARK!

I don't have the time!

Grab your brollies and welly boots lovelies, it's time to go puddle jumping!

I do love autumn, but that's too much rain for my liking! I'm more of crunchy leaf gal than a drowned rat, ta!

Dear god, don't float away will you? Never mind eh, let's dive into October together with a spot of UnFrench gumption! A little sky water won't kill us after all, will it?.


At least we are moving into the last quarter of this hideously confusing, complicated wreck of a year, eh! Might as well hang the Christmas 'decs' up now, sing Auld Lang Syne, wave farewell to the Uk and be done with it!

Sorry. You've gotta laugh or you'd cry!

I digress.

Look, this isn't really a proper blog as such, but more of a thank you. A thank you for your many kind messages of support, compassion and wonderful tales of recovery. Above all, the tales of recovery give me hope. It really is tough to implement tough love and stick with it, when my heart is screaming 'NO'.........'just go get her', but I really do know from experience, it would be the totally wrong thing to do for her and us. It wont help her in the long term. That said, I really do wish I had the resources to commit to her life long specialist care. I don't sadly.

It always surprises me, just how many of you have either experienced severe mental health issues, or know someone close that has suffered. I'm so grateful for your honesty. We as a family, have generally felt quite alone on this journey this past decade. What I can't bare is, just how broken the 'system' really is and I will never understand why these struggling humans, are left to fall further every day. They don't stand a chance, do they? It is absolutely criminal that my daughter is in a homeless shelter and not in appropriate care. The staff at the shelter can't cope with her because they are not trained to! It's that simple.

Bridlington/East Yorkshire Mental Health service is a total disgrace, always has been. I don't buy the plethora of excuses they constantly offer. No way! It's not good enough for her just to have 'any roof' over her head, along with recovering drink and drug addicts, is it? However, it's precisely because she has 'any roof' to sleep under, even though entirely unsuitable, that they are completely uninterested in resolving this rather urgent issue!

I get so angry!

Also, we all really need to get 'REAL' and 'HONEST' when talking about Mental Health. Yes, we are having the 'conversation' but frankly I feel, we are just playing 'lip service' to it. It's time for ACTION in order to protect the most vulnerable in our society. She gets mixed up with mild depression and anxiety patients. Now we have the COIVD mental health issues lumped in with everything else and she slips down the list again,

The way to therapy is often blocked for people like Beth because she isn't made a priority, ever, more of a nuisance really. It really isn't good enough, that she would have to harm herself or someone else again, to even get a foot in the treatment door. I don't agree that 'Sectioning' is always wrong, but it is so very hard to accomplish now. We never quite get there! Sometimes, the powers that be need to find the balls to get it done! Stop pushing her from pillar to post, just deal with it! Stop making excuses. Sign the paperwork to fund her care which is both urgent and necessary. Do it now!

Please help me get my daughter back, please?

D x

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