6 degrees of separation.......

So here we are, it's a little bit of a pickle, isn't it? We must keep calm and not carry on as normal, make sure we don't panic or encourage hysteria!

I travelled back early from a property show in Uk last night, not prepared to be away from home for a moment longer. Maybe I shouldn't have travelled at all given the circumstances? I just don't know?

So what can we do to stay safe?

Wash your darn hands!

Self isolate if concerned, separate yourself from the general public.

Limit travel and shopping best you can.

Be sensible and stock up on the things you may need, to help you stay at home. Make a list and remember other people also need to eat!

Best of all accept your confinement with good grace. Keep occupied. Make sure you keep in touch with friends, colleagues and relatives by telephone and on the internet.

Please do check on the elderly, displaced and the vulnerable in your community, they will need help. There are a lot of elderly that live alone, they will be very frightened and concerned that they will die of hunger and or neglect. We need to reassure them that won't happen and keep in regular contact but by phone initially. Physical contact should be limited to emergencies. Supplies can be delivered.

I've throughly disinfected my home this morning. I don't know if it will help?

On the ferry back last night it was a bit odd. Very few people travelling and tables reserved to stop people sitting too near each other.

Welcome to the apocalypse!

Joking aside, I already have a dry cough, so I'm concerned that I have the virus! Where do I go to be tested or do I just say home and see what happens?

I do think we could be better informed but I guess that will come in the next few days.

For now life goes on with a few difficult adjustments.

Lots of love

D x

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