A goodbye isn’t painful unless you’re never going to say hello again


Still, I cant help but sob into my third cup of coffee of the day!

Who do I call when the chips are down?

'Sunshine Clare' is going on a well earned, much needed hiatus and radio silence from the social media world and of course UnFrench.

She has a few broken bits that need oiling, rest and repair! Tapping away on a PC all darn day is not what the doctor ordered!

I concur.

Switching off is the only thing to do, when life becomes a bit too busy, complicated and confused.

Sometimes, the noisy online traffic gets in the way of real life. We've all been there! It's so very important to reconnect with the here and now, every so often. Life on line is not hands in soil or spending time with those we love. It doesn't get the projects done, nor does it console you at the end of a rubbish day.

People do that. Doing the things you love, does that.

So our Clare is waving a temporary goodbye and that hurts a little for all the right reasons.

I will miss her. The back and forth and the sharing of chores. Knowing that she is just at the end of messenger for aimless chats and girly stuff, mixed with work nonsense.

For me UnFrench has never been just about me or me and Clare but about a whole community. Yet she has been front and centre for a good year or so, the sparkly babe at the helm regaling us with tales of her family. Without doubt she has nursed UnFrench along very well in my absence and also been a very good friend to me over the years.

Clare from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

We came together through UnFrench. Both new at this France thing and looking for an anchor. We found one in each other.

I feel very honoured to know that we go on as friends, beyond UnFrench, no matter what.

Clare, like several other Unfrenchies helped me through my illness and long recovery. That's the community spirit I needed, wanted and now miss so much. That's what we built together.

My incessant moaning? Bless her! She has the patience of a saint!

She's travelled from France to the UK to visit with me, just because.

All those trains eh Clare! We had a ball!

She's an all round good egg is Clare and I will be hoping for the odd surprise blog, when she feels a bit better. Selfishly, I will not be cutting the UnFrench apron strings any time soon. I will however be wishing this talented lady much luck and I'm truly hoping she's out of pain soon!

Once an UnFrenchie, always an UnFrenchie!

A bientôt, ici mon ami!

Donna x

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