A Self Certified Day Off

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

I've written myself a sick note for today! So rare, but I felt like just kicking back a bit, away from the Socials. What's the point in having a more than capable team if they aren't allowed to step up and take control? I should let them, right?


I'm perfectly fine. Tickety Boo in fact but I look after so many of my teams emotions and forget about mine. I'm going to try harder to let go and let the other talent in my team shine. I promise.

My note today says 'Donna can't be bothered to online socialise today for 24 hours only'....'Instead she will pot her seeds, walk her dogs, bake a tart and read'.

And yet here I am writing via my phone hotspot. Baby steps eh. The truth is writing keeps me sane.

Yesterday, we finally ventured out to the supermarket together (I now understand we aren't supposed to do this, however, as we got out of the same bed I'm not sure why!). Feeling terribly guilty to be breaking our SELF isolation. We, like most married couples weren't entirely sure if we could travel in the same car? I couldn't see why not? We did anyway.

We ventured away from of our nearest village and drove to Bayeux (one cannot live well from one tiny supermarket alone) armed with our assesssssstations (not a clue how to spell this and not even trying), gloves and masks reached the very empty carpark of E'leclerc, seeing only the odd car on the road and everyone travelling alone. Unfortunately, I am not on the hire car insurance, but will endeavour to make sure I am so I can happily drive myself to get end of the world stores!

There were security guards on the door, so he went in one entrance and I went in the other. It was all a bit clandestine but we did NOT shop together. The Gendarmes swung by a couple of times for a chat with said supermarket mafia. Stupidly, I forgot to take my phone with me, so when I couldn't mange the big bag of potting soil it was tough luck, he was nowhere to be found!

The supermarket was pretty well apocalyptically organised for social distancing. It was like some weird social experiment, quite frankly bizarre. Is this the future? Will we ever trust a hug, kiss or handshake again?

There was a new but definite clinical feel to the process of shopping. We danced around each other in the aisles, not even looking at each other, as we dutifully ensured not one breath would travel in the direction of the person passing a good distance away.

Tape had been used to distance trolleys at the till. One at a time we went. Only with me having raging hay fever, I couldn't stop coughing or sneezing. I almost combusted trying not to look viral! The till assistant sprayed everything with disinfectant after I left! I was so ashamed.

So that's it, I'm locking myself up again until the pollen buggers off in September! What else can I do? If I venture out with streaming eyes, feverish cheeks and coughing uncontrollably, I will end up being maced!

The family all seem to be managing well enough back in Blightly, which is good to know. He and I are metering out our meagre phone data to ensure we get a little radio and tv daily. He needs more than I because of his work conference calling. We have generally, happily settled into a routine of sorts. Can't imagine this going on for months though. Also we really need to go check the Wreck, make sure the pump is working in the basement and that the electricity hasn't tripped again. Can we get away with driving 160 miles round trip to check? I think we must really. I'm sure it must be essential travel and we won't see a soul on the way, there or back!

Okay, I think he will do it! Lucky chap!

Anyway, I'm leaving you to it for now. He's on breakfast duty again....I think I smell bacon?

Keep busy and out of trouble won't you?

Back soon


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