All aboard for Autumn.

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

and the glorious colours of Canada in Autumn.

I really should say Fall, but I can't bring myself to. Sorry.

Okay, so by night its chilly and by chilly I mean below 20.... if I remember to switch the Air conditioning off, which I often don't. Really difficult with 8 seasons in one day! One minute I'm freezing and the next sweating buckets! When I went upstairs last night it was hotter outside than in. Our bedroom was baltic because I'd left the Air con on again! Although, there's no doubt we slept infinitely better, weighed down by the winter quilt! Maybe that's the sleep Shangri la right there! Freeze the room and snuggle down under 2 million goose feathers! Result!

Embarrassingly, I had a little sniffle and just felt exhausted, no idea why and so engineered an early to bed for him and I, otherwise he disturbs me when he FINALLY comes to bed in the small hours! My man has never been accused of being quiet and light footed.

I opted for 7pm.

I know! Thats how desperate I was for sleep!

How did I get him to agree to a nursery bedtime?

Well, I have my charms you know! Only kidding. I went for a bath and asked him to sort the quilt then bring a Lemsip up for me and by the time he'd done that, I had ran him a bath. It works every hour in the bath soaking all the cares away, lots of lavender, coconut oil and he sleeps like a baby!

Of course he pops something on the TV first and this time it was an 80's comedy, which wasn't at all funny. It was fascinating though because it was a 'Famous Five' spoof, starring Dawn French, Ade Edmondson and Jennifer Saunders. I think as a child I read the whole series three times over!

No, it was just weird actually, which made it easy to dose off to count sheep!

I eventually woke at 2 am because I'd again forgotten to put my phone on silent. Suddenly France was awake and it was all ping, ping bloody ping! I'm living in Canada on French time and its blowing my mind! Something dramatic has always happened whilst I sleep! The sooner I am back on French time for real, the better!

I finally got back to sleep after shuffling the quilt with my in/out leg dance for a while. Lie in's are really a terrible start to the day aren't they? It's really hard to get going again! I had one eye open for about an hour and felt like I was the living dead! Which reminds me, I must dig out some Halloween recipes!

Autumn started promptly here in Toronto on the last day of summer! I noticed the creeping in of the deep reds, literally yesterday! One minute it was all green overload and within 24 hours vidid colour rich and I find it a little worrying!


Well, we've had a ten minute summer and winter is long and unforgiving here. My other half reminded me that our first 'look see' visit here was last October half term last year. I think we arrived on the just weeks away! On our first morning in Canada it snowed! Albeit wet snow, more sleet really but still. Winter is really only a few weeks away for us here!

I'm thinking of running away and soon, do you wanna come too?.

We have our first Canadian Thanksgiving coming up in mid October which will be interesting! Hoping one of our friends here fancies joining us to celebrate what? I don't know! Food maybe? I do still feel rather disconnected from Canada. I guess it is a result of the temporary nature of our time here.

Today has been a homemade kinda soup day and tonight is a spicy lamb hotpot kinda evening! I do love slow cooking, don't you? You can't really cook a salad really! It's the same with clothes! I have my cardigans back on and they feel like home! Next stop, jeans, sweaters and Ugg boots. Yeah!

In other news I'm bracing myself for a visit to the vets, to update Bertie's rabies shot. Fizzy needs chipping to be France ready and with vet bills here.....I may need to rob a bank!

We are still waiting on a date for my return to La Belle France! I do so hope to be there before Christmas. Much easier for the kids to visit France for Christmas than here really.

I have no news on my eldest daughter as she's cut off all contact with us and the rest of our family. It's sad but what can we do? She really has to find herself first, I guess. We will be waiting for her when she does of course. Sometimes when you've no one around to blame and hit rock bottom, there's a good chance you'll look within for the answers?

Sorry I can't regale you of tales of life in France at the moment, but I can promise you'll wish I would shut up about it soon enough!

Life, love and laundry eh!

D x

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