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You may have noticed the UnFrench brand became super altruistic over the weekend! Oh yes we did!

The team had a real wish to help our struggling business community during COVID 19 and the lead up to Christmas, by offering a Festive Virtual Market! This was our first foray into free advertising on our popular social platforms totalling around 40k in members. We all really wanted to give back to our community who have consistently supported us during the last three years, but with respect to our members we didn't want to take paid advertising.

We did it and it was fabulous! A huge success! Lots of thank you's to the amazing stall holders and to the team of volunteers, who worked hard over 4 days to make it all happen. I think most of us are still exhausted as it was so fast paced.

First of all a huge heartfelt thank you, to the team organising it as the work that had to go on behind the scenes was pretty major, mainly because we decided to give this a whirl, with only a few days notice and used multiple platforms. At least half of the UnFrench team are small business owners and it felt only right that we got busy sharing everything we know with the independent businesses in France. As the saying goes 'No publicity is bad publicity'. I concur. We wanted a positive reaction to the market and we got it which is gratifying and shows how lovely our community are. There was no precedent to go on but now there is!

Several of the UnFrench team have backgrounds in Business, PR and Marketing and really, really felt compelled to help. It was high time but I was very nervous about using the UnFrench platforms, as we've always shied away from advertising. However, free advertising for a jolly good reason I could live with.

There were four of us in the team led by the lovely, capable Helen Powell and our aim was to gift the Virtual Market Stall Holders, maximum airtime across the platforms in such a tough Covid 19 market. At this time of year, leading up to Christmas, these successful small businesses would be experiencing the pre Christmas rush. Sadly, this second lockdown is taking its toll on everyones pockets, but these businesses still need to find a way to sell their wares or services. I'm so glad we helped and we all learnt so much in the process.

It is our intention and total pleasure to build on this first market and we are busy beavering away behind the scenes looking at how to improve on what we offered.

It's an exciting time at UnFrench Hq and we are looking at how to grow the UnFrench Business Buzz socials to further help the business community in the future. To also help us learn from each other and fill in the gaps many have using social media marketing.

Here's a little taste of one of the videos uploaded to the platforms by Kate Churchwell, an accomplished artist within our community.

Keep sharing!



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