And Finally!

I know you lot!

You'll be smugly slow clapping me and collectively saying 'about bloody time'!

You would be right!

So last night, I had an epiphany!

Some of you will need the whole story so I will try and be brief.

Bought the WRECK in France under duress in June 2017. Wasn't particularly in love with it and whilst it did a great job of looking good on the day, we eventually realized it was a huge job.

He was working abroad and I tried to go it alone in a rural rental. I was poorly, had a major operation and then the recovery was snails pace.

In the end I went home!

We are now in Canada and frankly have never stopped moving in 30 years.

I am a reluctant globe trotter, no doubt about it. I totally own it!

I get so dizzy with it all, when all I really want to do is chuck up some wallpaper on my own walls.

I don't subscribe to that 'wherever I lay my hat, that's my home' thing, thanks Paul Young!

Life has been telling me something lately!

Couldn't quite figure it out, but I did decide that France would be home and I was going to go back late this year, early next.

I stopped fighting it. Looked as this house as our first in France, not our last.

The search for another rental in France hasn't given me a lot of choice really. One property is really no choice at all, is it?

Last weekend I was cooking the books, so to speak and again realized how much we spend on other peoples mortgages and investments. Total waste of our money. Not only that the last few rentals we have had have been full of build issues!

Why be so inconvenienced and pay for it?

Here in Canada we have lost the summer to build work and had zero out door space. Watching you all do your good life thing in France has been quite an eye opener for me!

Here, from 7am the builders are finishing their part of the development late, noisily and without a care for the occupants. Yesterday 12 foot poles were erected in the postage stamp garden and they had dug holes so deep, large and so close to the property, that they caused the side entrance steps to sag!

It has not been fun!

Him in doors cheers me up of an evening with renovation programs but often they make me more frustrated. Until last night.

I think we all reach the point were we will just doing anything to achieve the dream! I ht that sweet spot last night watching a rerun of a British renovation program.

He quipped about how we should just go home and live in the WRECK and get it done.

I looked at him with fire in my eyes and said okay then!

The deal is on.

The reality is it will be ME living in the WRECK whilst he continues the globe trotting to earn the pennies.

Needs must and all that.

My plan is, to return to France after Christmas, as we've both agreed to spend the silly season here and enjoy it with our families. I mean it will all be renovation hell from there on, eh? Might as well enjoy the trappings, of this modern edifice one last time before it all begins!

Hot running water, central heating..............!

Suddenly, I feel free. Free of this never ending merry go round of moving.

I'm not a seasoned renovator clearly, but I guess I will become one and you know what, I will give it a good go!

I'm giving myself 6 weeks in a Gite, in order to get some rooms ready for basic occupation. Then mid March it's a huge push to get the barn ready, move into the barn and start the house proper.

I have a plan!

I know, it's incredible and I'm quite excited!

We have a chat with the architect this weekend about the specification, meaning we get a little nearer every day!

More soon

Donna x

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