and so the people stayed at home.....

and learned to rest.

They read, exercised, crafted, decorated, pottered in their spring gardens, planting seeds to grow in the weeks to come. They re connected with each other and life as the hours ticked by. They felt relieved to take a load off. The stress had been building and now there was suddenly a lack of hurry. No expectations. No knocks at the door. No distractions. The feeling of peace was incredible. An enforced rest in a mad, crazy busy world.........what a gift.

Day 1 of contagion limitation began this afternoon, as per the orders of our very handsome French president, Mr Macron. I call him our president even though I am British living in France. A man for the people. A man prepared to lock us up if need be.

Boris begone!

Macron. Thats leadership right there. Bungling Boris......wash your hands, go to school and don't gather too much!


This virus is waging a war on us and we are fighting back in EUROPE by staying put in our homes! Those wearing the uniforms of the emergency services, nurses, doctors are battling on our behalves and we thank them for their service and sacrifice.

Thank you.

Him in doors is happily trapped here in France. T'is life! He's working remotely as is the modern way and maybe in the future he will do this more. I mean why we fly around the world when we have perfectly satisfactory communications, I just don't know. I have a feeling when this is all over the world will accept the changes to come more readily. They will be prepared to take the planet more seriously and work out a way to reduce our footprint on this wonderful planet we inhabit!

We can hope eh!

Macron has ensured the businesses and workers in France that they will be protected. He given the country time to pay and introduced 30 days where all bills come to a halt, whilst we figure this thing out.

I have the dry cough and temperature but I'm not dying. No intentions of. Could just be a cold. It is what it is and I will only seek help if things become difficult. I have Vitamin D & C and paracetamol.......oh and wine. There's always wine.

At home we are all still surrounded by boxes but everything has to wait now. We can't hire a van to move stuff back to storage or to bring much needed stuff back. In the grand scheme of things its not really a problem. I think we are all going to have to learn to sit back and relax, make a list for things to be done something in the future. Maybe.

Of course I worry about my parents and his. My kids in the UK. I'm wondering if the girls flights will be canceled for the 31st? Probably. Never mind we will adapt and make it all happen later down the line. There are already a few cases at my youngest daughter boarding school, so she is at her big brothers, perfectly fine. Learning will be organized online and her education will continue uninterrupted.

We have to remain positive and believe that life interrupted will work to adios this bug for once and for all! Acceptance is key to making this all okay.

Here's to life a tad slower than a snail with one wheel missing.

Enjoy your home adventures! We got this.

D x

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