And the winner is...

Today we announced the overall winner of our first Very Unfrench Wives photo competition. Huge congratulations to Sarah Burtsal. Your framed picture will be in the post shortly. This picture was doubly special. Not only has she captured the bee at the perfect moment, but artichoke flowers are rarely seen because we eat the vegetable before it gets that far!

It all started with a conversation in the moderators group about what we could do to get all you lovely Unfrenchies involved in something fun, while providing a distraction from lock down. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes thinking up things like blog ideas, photos and memes to post, and daily themes for the group. We settled on a spring photo competition which would give everyone a chance to showcase their photos. Whether it's photos of family they're locked down with, or people they miss, the food they've been cooking, or the amazing scenery they've seen on their walk.

Planning it took a lot of time. Who knew we had to create terms and conditions? Plus entry rules, timelines, prizes, categories. We had many discussions, and settled on five categories: family, food, nature, animals and funny. We thought funny would be a good chance for people to share those hilarious candid moments, or staged lock down scenes. After all, being trapped at home is sending us all a little mad. Why not embrace it and celebrate it?

It was all worth it once we saw the photos start to roll in. Some were so unexpected! I can't wait to share those ones on our social channels. The animals, in particular, were hilarious. The standard of the photos was really good. We clearly have some great amateur photographers in the group. It made choosing photos really hard. In some categories, it was unanimous, and in others, it was completely split.

In the end, though, we love the photos we chose, and have some other amazing ones to share in the coming weeks. We agree the effort was worth it, and will definitely be running these competitions again!

Huge congratulations to our winners, and thank you to everyone who entered.

As I said, this was a lot of work, so I'd like to thank the team behind the scenes:

Tia - our project manager who kept us all on track

Cole - shared her knowledge of competitions, logistics, rules and all the things we hadn't thought of

Helen - our go-to amateur photographer

And finally, Clare & Donna who were our overall competition judges. I definitely don't envy the decision they had to make!

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