Argy bargy....

Don't you just have days and weeks where it's all a bit 'pete tong'.......wrong?

Opinions, opinions and crap and bucket loads of fugding s*it!

It's okay, I have wine. Don't panic and head towards the exit..please!

Eeeee gods!


Well, Landlords and agents mainly! Okay builders too, this week anyway!

Honestly, I've had enough of scheming landlords. Enough!

Latest on 'building armageddon', is that the landlord strikes a pose and then it collapses! He's a shifty bugger, no Madonna and no mistake!

Sorry if you can't follow YORKSHIRE but it is what it is!

I promise you, I will employ a translator next time!

So his 'beef' is this.... He makes a deal for all the crap we've put up with and say's 'December' is on us'.......!


Okay. I guess.

Not sure it does much for us really, but hey! We are good un's and we will meet you somewhere in the middle.

All is well?

Of course not!!!

Wtf is this...a fairy tale?

Noooooo! He doesn't want to really go there, or deliver the cheque back for December....!

No deal then poppet?


Strike a pose of nonchalance and p*ssed offedness! Search for my weapons of mass destruction and.............well......write to him some more!

Please do not try that 'balderdash and piffle' on me matey!

There's more, so much more but it's Friday and Vanessa has written such a lovely blog about history in France.........!

I feel...........inadequate.

You signed up for all things lovely 'en France'.....right?


You got me?

I need to take a chill pill, I hear yah!

How can I?

Half my friends are going through the 'men...o...pause' poor darlings!

Look, I went before you like the pioneer that I am and no, I can't help, but I can so recognise it at 50 paces and yes I will let you know!

Sorry, but you know my sweet and precious's no less than a personal war with your brain and body, you will absolutely win after a bit of a sadistic battle with self and everyone you love!

No better news for you, again, sorry.

The thing will survive and it's just a complicated journey to a 'different you' in the end. A better you! It's not fair and it's not initially sexy, but you will absolutely survive, I promise you!

Mother nature is an absolute biatch!

I concur!

**Insert expletives here!

Menopause......Shemenopause, is really just a hormone depletion. A come down from a drug you've been on since puberty!

Imagine that, 45/50 years of cold turkey? Eh!

Your job was to procreate.

Now its not!

Oh dear.

It's pretty rocky for a while but one day down the get your sanity back.

You may feel a little flat lined at first, but it's infinitely better than the bizarre, uncalled for 'rage' that happens at the the beginning of the end. The hot flushes, the confusion........there are too many symptoms to note here.

Positive thinking is needed and lots of self TLC, possibly some HRT!

No stigma needed girl!

You are a warrior!

A survivor!

Be proud!

You made it!

You will make it you know! It's the gift you think you don't want to need.

Don't fight it!

Generations gone before have made it unpalatable, unacceptable. Hidden, even.

Shout loud and proud. Tell folks how it feels.

Warn them off!

Let them know that the train is off the rails a little and the timetable is a bit askew for a wee while!

Let the new kids on the block know it's part of real life and not something to be ashamed of, please.

I'm okay, better than okay and you will be too sister, hang in there, got this!


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