Au revoir n’est pas adieu, mon amie!

It is always hard to say goodbye to friends, no matter what the reason is. This is why I prefer to say it the French way, au revoir Clare!

Here at @UnFrench we are a tight group, a crazy little family of our own.

We go thru life, trucking along, together every single day, to make it happen for you to read and laugh and cry with us. When I started in this group, I do not even remember how I got on the public page, but certainly intrigued by the name. I think they had me at “the Very…” I decided to join the group. We were only around 200ish. Then I met other members and we became close.

One day, I was asked to join the team and my first answer was no. No? But why?

I had had previous bad experience with a small group about French culture … so I declined. Then, my friend #UnFrenchPolly convinced me to join the admin’s team. After some more thoughts, I said to myself, what the heck, why not?

Since then, I can honestly say we lived thru everything, a terrible troll attack, moves and tears and laughter and life… Life together at UnFrench. As life has been chaotic this year, we have been up to the challenge, and grew the group beautifully… like a leaving organism cared for and with, like lace makers, every detail counts day after day.

Don’t go thinking that it seems fun and easy…it ain’t.

Why? Because sometimes people react in weird ways. After the major troll attack, we had to tighten our ship and be very picky with whom we let in. The sad reality, some would say, yes!

But I diverge, this morning I am sitting at my desk, laptop open and the intention was to celebrate a friend not really departing from the group but let’s say taking a leave of absence. We were sad, but we were also happy to see her create her own path, with that quiet smile that tells us she will thrive. I do not want to see you go, because you are still with us in our heart anyway…

Plus, I should add, I know you will come back! The team has known moves, changes and teammates leaving like in every other endeavor. The good news is that we became stronger and we became a family. Like a family, we all have our moody days, our laughing days, our bitching days, our drinking days even, when life is too much!

But to know that at any time we can pop in our admin chat and vent, rant, etc.. became a security blanket for us. So really Clare, go, thrive… and come back!

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