Autumn has begun and I love it!

Well, that's another summer over and autumn is almost upon us, weather wise anyway. I love autumn, as my life slows down a little and I can finally enjoy the sun without it being too hot!

Its been quite an eventful couple of weeks for us in the Malcolm household! Back in June, we visited our house (affectionally called the wreck) after a long absence. Anyone who has a renovation project tends to call there house a 'wreck' here in France!

We managed to finish the living/kitchen area plasterboarding, who knew these things take so long!


We planned to go back at the beginning of August, have a bit of a long weekend and holiday but as usual, life got in the way and work took over! It turns out the only time we had available, was the beginning of September for one day, work commitments and our little one back at school dictated this.

Such is life!

Anyway, we thought we wouldn't waste this one visit and arranged for an estate agent to come value The Wreck! At least then we would know what we need to do, to make it ready for the open, rather unusually hot property market!

A lovely young lady turned up and we got to chatting about the house... at the moment the sitting in-between rooms are being renovated, half-done and other rooms not even started yet! It used to embarrass me when people saw it, not that I have high standards (you should see the state of my house at the moment) well it was Sunday and me 'CBA' lol......!

"So," she said, you have a price in mind? Currently, the house is advertised on le bon coin, this is where the agent had seen it advertised and got in touch with us, of course! Stu and I looked at her and laughed, 'yup' we said, we are fully aware it's not worth that we thought but we would chance our arm anyway! So when she told us what it is actually worth, we were quite pleasantly surprised! So The Wreck is now on the market, the mandate all signed and here's hoping for a quick sale!

I decided with one of my many businesses to do live videos every day, when I first decided to do this, the sheer thought of it would make my heart palpitate!! So when the 1st of September came and I was sat staring at my mobile phone for an hour, it almost did not happen lol... I was just so in my head and I thought to myself 'shake it off'. I took a deep breath, counted backward from 5 and the next thing I knew I was live! It's funny really because on the 1st it took me an hour and now I jump on no problem at all! I am so glad I made myself do it, as it is helping to 1, grow my confidence, and 2, how I perceive myself on camera.

So my little one is back at school, really enjoying it and we are getting into a better routine now... I don't know if it just me, but I always find that the summer really pushes any semblance of routine out of the window. I also had my first wedding dress fitting which was exciting! Its been a while and I have not seen the dress since February, thanks COVID! It really did not disappoint thankfully! What was perfect was that as my little one had to come with us, he caught a peek of me in THE DRESS around the curtain and said "mummy is a princess"! Ahhhhhh my heart melted, he is so cute!!! Then the dog thought he would get in on the excitement too! Maybe he thought we were ignoring him!!! Who knows......!

So this past Friday he decided to go for an unaccompanied stroll around where we live!! The only problem with that was we hadn't noticed he was missing for at least 15 minutes as we were chatting with the neighbours... AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH! It happens to the best of dog parents I'm sure! We really needed to find him and I barked at Stu (no pun intended) but where do you start? So Stu got in the van and I grabbed his lead and wandered around looking for him. I went down nearly every road here to no avail, 3 hours I was out looking for him.... only to find he had brought himself home and was sitting on the doorstep! It was quite funny as if you are a dog owner, you always know if they have done something wrong, as they do the dog walk of shame! Well, at least I got some exercise!

I am not sure why, but I love autumn and I just love the cold crisp morning and the warm afternoon, all the different colours. I find it such a relaxing season! I am currently planning what I am going to be doing in the garden to get it ready for the potager next year! The one thing I do have is veg patch envy since I have been living in France, you lot are just amazing at it!

Yesterday, I was enjoying watching Get Organised with the Home Edit, yes I know I am sad, but it was Sunday and I had literally nothing to do, apart from play with my son, chat with the UnFrenchies, walk the dog and drink tea..... Life could not be any better. Truly!

Well, that's all from me at this moment in time, from the house going up for sale to escaping dogs, life is never dull at chez Malcom!!

Hope you had a happy week or what's left of it.

Big loves #UnFrenchTia. Xx

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