Autumn in France

Reasons to visit France in the Autumn......

Like everywhere in the world, Autumn in France has its own beautiful beating heart.

Hunting season is underway and whilst that also has its difficulties and dangers, hunting is very much ingrained in French life, France still has sprawling forested areas, fields, and mountain ranges that are home to red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar, mouflon, alpine chamois, and Pyrenean chamois.

The crowds of visitors thin out to a barely there trickle, so it's worth taking an out of season visit to all the great monuments of France such as Mont St Michel.

The weather is generally still warm in September with a chance of an Indian Summer. A pretty nice way to get those final outside jobs done. Also great for those running Gite's and B&B's to finally take a breath and get outside!

The harvest begins; corn, maize, grapeseed, sunflowers, pumpkins, apples, pears, quince, blackberries and also chestnuts, nuts and walnuts!

Autumn ingredient favourites include, venison, truffles and mushrooms.

Autumn also is when the vines and orchards are harvested. This is often celebrated with festivals.

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