Autumn swings and roundabouts

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Brr! the temperature has certainly dropped a few degrees, this time last week I was in flip flops, summer skirt and a t shirt, fast forward to today and it’s socks, trainers, long trousers and a sweater ! The temperature on my bathroom scales (!) has plummeted from 25 to 18, it also shows I have lost a kilo but that’s another story 😉

it’s that time of year when I go through my wardrobe of summer clothes and try to decide if next year really will be the year I squeeze into that dress,, yup I doubt it too, so into the charity bag it goes. The bag soon fills up, then begins the great swap as I bring out the autumn/winter clothes, warm fleeces, thick wool jumper, long (!) trousers, skirts and a few dresses. yes, before you ask, some of these also find their way into the charity bag as they appear to have shrunk during the summer 🧐 The flip flops have been put away and out come the trainers and a couple of pairs of 'proper' shoes, the heels stay firmly at the back of the shoe rack, gone are my days of heels but I just cannot part with them.

Next the linen cupboard undergoes it’s seasonal change, the thicker duvet explodes from its bag and the bed linen is a heavier weight too, not too thick as those hot flushes still have me pushing the duvet onto his side of the bed.

The ingredients in the kitchen cupboards also change slightly, porridge instead of cereals, would instead of salads, rib sticking stews instead of bbqs , my mouth is watering already. Jacket potatoes smothered in salty butter and cheese, bacon and onions. Be still my beating heart ! All washed down with a hearty red instead of a fragrant rose.

It’s time to light the candles in the hearth, not too long before the logs will be brought in ready for a proper fire., onwards to Christmas , eek sorry for dropping that bombshell.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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