Autumnal muses

The nights are drawing in here in Hampshire, as I am sure they are in France, I really do not like darker afternoons/evenings, am thinking about getting one of those special lamps for SAD to see if it helps our moods, yes he has it too ! The evenings seem to have suddenly got darker, it wont be long before we have the usual heating debate, he prefers extra layers, but I prefer overall warmth, I get too hot and red in the face with extra layers ! I had really hoped my menopausal hot flushes would have passed by now. . .

We have been picking sloes ready to make sloe gin, we have read you aren’t supposed to pick them until after the first frost . But . . . spottIng them on our walk we picked 2 lbs and have frozen them after washing to stimulate that frost. After defrosting, we prick them (keep up) then fill the jar with sloes, add sugar and top up with gin. Sadly we have to wait several weeks before tasting 😋

Do I swap my wardrobe yet ? Will summer have a last September hurrah ? Decisions decisions. I do have a bag full of clothes to take to the charity shop, it’s been waiting since lockdown, so 6 months ago. Mmm, wonder if they will still want them ?

Is it time to cut back some of the Summer bedding plants, removing those last few flowers seems so cruel somehow ? The hanging basket appears to have rejuvenated Itself due to the rain we had, more decisions ! Argh my poor brain can’t take much more. Here is my nighttime garden

Oh well, kettle is on to help me make these decisions any tips gratefully received ! Happy whatever day of the week it is when you read this 😉

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