Baby Steps

A huge thank you to you all, for positively supporting my blog post about my daughter's mental health issues. I'm utterly humbled.

I really worried, that using my voice and my creation of The Very UnFrench Wives was, well.....simply wrong. I didn't want people thinking I was abusing my position, or using my daughter as blog bait. I would never do that.

I nearly deleted it, but asked Clare to have a read and see what she thought? The rest is now history. What floored me, was hearing how many of you, have experienced the trauma of not being able to get help for a loved one.

We are not alone. We feel it, but we are not.

What I've learnt is, that when one has a public voice, one must absolutely use it for good. and use it loudly

So, I have an update for you and a positive one at that, which is surprising given how long we have been on this rocky road. Even though she was temporarily sectioned, we all still felt that the system would let us down again. Thankfully, that wasn't the case, this time.

B is currently still in hospital but she has seen a Psychiatrist and has a care plan. She will be transferred to a women's unit for an unknown amount of time, before, if possible, receiving rehabilitation. She really needs to learn to control her medication to ever live in the community again.

We remain very hopeful that a few years down the line, she can live in sheltered accommodation. For now she has to do it super tough and be 100% managed, which is absolutely what we hoped for.

She is safe, warm, fed and gets her medication on time and in the correct doses.

It's a sweet relief.

My family back home are looking into rehoming her beloved cats which is such a shame. The cats are in poor condition and they also need stability. We are also looking into packing up her personals and selling her furniture. Sounds awful but these things can be replaced down the line, right?

What is important for now, is that she is stabilized and safe. She is in the right place for rest and recovery and that gives us all the hope, that one day she comes back to us.

It's taken 7 or more years to get to this point and yes I'm a little angry that the system worked against her and us. The struggle was very real and the damage done to our family unnecessary. It's more than just unfortunate that she had to become a risk to herself and others to finally receive the help she so badly needed.

She is sleeping a lot and seems accepting of her current situation. She also realizes she cannot at this time look after herself. My Mum took her a few Christmas chocolates which she devoured with glee! Christmas passed her by but there's always next year, eh? It would seem that she has lost around 4 stone in weight, in a very short period of time. She did have the weight to loose, but it does show us, how hard her life has been recently.

We, for the first time in a long time are able to sleep peacefully and we go forward ever so hopefully together.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Keep speaking out about Mental Health. Advocate tirelessly for those without a voice and never ever give up!

I will write more soon.

Big loves

D x

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