Bad Dog Parents

Much needed August Bank Holiday weekend here in Canada......I know! Another one! Seems like every month has some sort of interlude.

What news?

Not a huge amount really, working my way back to France as promised. That needs a few things to fall into place, to make it a GO, but we are very confident. Cross fingers, toes and all that!

Air con in the house is fixed but not terribly effective. Car air con is still lacking a much needed part! Tis life!

We all look like we've had the pox! The black flies and mosquitos have feasted well, god bless them. We do like to help the local beasties!

The builders continue to build the foundations for a new planet right next to our house. Peace, tranquility and G&T's on the patio, won't be happening this summer we've been told.

There's always next year I suppose.

The Landlord has just reappeared from his 6 month sabbatical, in Hong Kong and wondered what all the fuss was about?

I have no words.

There's a little battle rumbling on in the back ground and we aim to win, one way or another believe me.

Just busy making sausage meat hash for Sunday breakfast, whilst you are more than likely already on the wine!


Time differences and all that!

I so need to be more careful at the cooker these days. Little Fizz likes to play doggy audience and food critic. Her favourite past time is waiting for bits falling to the floor from my cooking endeavours!

Yesterday, she got way more than she bargained for twice!

Firstly, I dropped a load of dried chillies on the floor, which she happily licked up! Ouch!

Then later, thinking my chap had measured out their food in their jug, I just fed them!

I actually fed them whole coffee beans!

Apparently, he had just used the nearest vessel, to store the coffee beans when cleaning out the machine!

Poor dogs! Silly Daddy!

I did eventually cotton on, when I heard Fizz struggling to church through the best French beans! Bertie didn't seem to mind but was a little caffeine crazy for a while!

Our Fizz was already traumatized yesterday morning, when we unwittingly changed her routine. You've got to remember, she has little hearing and had a poor start to life. Her world is therefore easily rocked, bless her.

In bed on Saturday night one of the struts broke on our new bed!

Take your minds out of the gutter 'UnFrenchies' please!

There was an obvious weakness and it snapped around a large knot in the wood! We weren't swinging from the chandeliers nor do we need to go to Fat Club! Haha!

Very poor quality for a lot of money but hey!

So we changed to the spare room, but Fizz sleeps in my dressing room and was already asleep. She usually gets up, wee's on the pee pad on the balcony, then is carried down three flights of stairs just like the little Queen she is, for other royal doings outside. It's quite a feat of endurance raising this incontinent pup, I can tell you!

Anyway, when she's back from her constitutional, she jumps on the bedroom sofa to get on our bed for snuffles and goes back to sleep. Only this time the sofa was away from the bed, the mattress off, no Mum and Dad and she went into an instant melt down. Bottom dragging on the floor in sheer terror!

It was truly horrid for us all. In the end we got down on the floor and just waited until she came to us. Poor bean bag!

I do now worry about her ability to cope with the long journey to France!

It's going to be interesting but we are her world and will persevere.

D x

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