Bake days and Resting Weekends

Hi all!

We've been hanging at home this weekend so far.

Cleaning, walking, sorting, resting, drinking too much wine and baking.


It was super interesting watching the Teen bake yesterday! She got me to get all the ingredients for her and then sat down to bake?

Lazy baking?

She does make me laugh!

Her and her Dad can look right at something they need but not see it! I thought it was just man thing but it seems it's catching!

H made a great little oat and fruit cake, I will pop the recipe up at the end of this blog for you all to try. I couldn't eat any of it because the oats had been cut in a wheat factory, so instead I made a flap jack with steel cut oats. Such is my miserable gluten free life!

They are rather tougher than normal oats and need to be pre soaked for some years I believe! Never used them before and never will again. The flapjacks now reside in the food waste bin!

Oh I do wish I still had waste and I do not sit well together.

He and I simultaneously spat out our first bite!


Crazy golf this afternoon........!


Seems like we've not really been home at the weekends since the teen arrived home for summer, on the 18th July. It's been all go, go, go and next weekend is getting her ready for going back on the 20th. Which in real terms means emptying our wallets!

Goes so quickly!

The Teen is definitely getting nervous about GCSE results day, but we are happy that this time she put in the work, did her best and what will be, will be. I think she will be pleasantly surprised.

She's decided to study, Philosophy and Ethics, Sociology in Sixth Form and is stuck with the third A' level. H has officially chosen biology, but now isn't sure? I want her to do the 'Pru Leith' food course. Nutrition and being able to put together a meal is so important I feel. It's fine having an 'Ology.......but life skills are equally important!

I've been a bit off, mood wise lately. Dealing with my eldest daughters issues on top of the two rogue landlords! It's been interesting in the worst possible way.

Cultural differences a mile wide!

One of them doesn't even speak English apparently, but is suddenly able to text us in plain English! Possibly downloaded from the internet or she is an incredibly fast learner........liar maybe?

Way too many people involved in this ridiculous dispute. It's turned into a veritable circus! All we want is a safe, secure, noise free outdoor space. Of course it's now mid August and we realize this is NOT going to be done this side of Autumn. We have no control over the builder, so that's that.

The landlords think they can shout and scream at us and it gets them what they want. They made a deal with us but then immediately broke it. To be quite honest, we don't care anymore. We have the deal in writing and will honour it, wether they like it or not. The law is on our side.

The loss of 'QUIET ENJOYMENT' of the property has been huge. Not that we have ever had any enjoyment you understand?

Being caught in a row between us, the landlords and his builder is absolutely not fun. The only real victims are us, sadly.

Sometimes, you just have to save yourself and not play games with idiots, eh!

I was happily dealing with it all, but on Saturday night, the male Landlord started harassing me by text, so I handed it to my Hubby, who is pretty teflon coated and these things don't really phase him.

He and I have recently been talking about how I've changed doing what I do with UnFrench.

When I first started the project, it was a hobby blog. For me and no one else. It wasn't a huge lot of effort but gave me immense pleasure, still does. Didn't impact on my families lives at all.

Recently, I've decided to develop it into a business and I take the brand very, very seriously. It's my baby!

He, meanwhile isn't very keen on having my attention elsewhere when he's home. It's a steep learning curve for him, poor lad. He will get over it I'm sure, but continues to chat aimlessly with me when I tell him, I'm concentrating!

Good job I love him eh!

I really should take my work to the office but the building work makes that impossible right now.

I know who my friends are with this project, we have a really good team, but what still surprises me is the people taking advantage. I run a tight but honest ship. I let people advertise themselves if they provide me with regular original content. I can't tell you how disappointing it is for people to advertise themselves and then disappear. It's really not fair on those that do the real work.

They admit to being too busy but pop up on the internet everywhere!

I think many like the idea of blogging but not the actual blogging.

I've also had emails from people trying to sell me regurgitated content? Anything to get something without much effort.

I am kind but I'm not blind or stupid.

Meanwhile, back at UnFrench HQ our fan base is gathering pace and I can't wait to get back to France to take it to the next level!

Everyday we have highs but like any new business, we also have some lows. Complaints about The Un in UnFrench have trickled in. It's a handful but I will staunchly stand by the name. It never signified that we are not French Friendly! Of course we are! It was all about being an alien in France and discovering France as foreigner. We also don't care if you are or want to be a wife! To enjoy Unfrench you can actually be a real alien if you please! Welcome on board whomever you are or want to be. We are inclusive not exclusive! Men, women, dogs.............!

Then there's the old argument of EXPAT versus Immigrant.

I personally feel the word EXPAT is fine for me. I've bounced around the world and have never given up my British passport. Currently I'm not a full time resident in France.

An expatriate (often shortened to expat) is a person temporarily residing in a country other than their native country. ... However, the term 'expatriate' is also used for retirees and others who have chosen to live outside their native country. Historically, it has also referred to exiles.

So sure, if you are from outside the EU and have actually permanently migrated to France, you are an Immigrant. Otherwise you remain an EXPAT.

I don't particular care what you call yourself but I'm always a little taken aback by people looking for the negative in something, anything really.

Opinions, opinions!

Each to their own, right?


This is the last time I will address this issue but just so we are crystal clear..........WE ARE PRO FRANCE!

Anyway, in other news, him in doors is under intense physiotherapy for a trapped nerve in his neck. Makes him rather grumpier than usual, bless him. Constant pain is not easy to live with, is it?

He's also a bit fed up that I am going back to live in France. I hear him, but his jobs take him worldwide and I want some roots! I also really need to be closer to my family and soon. Managing them from across the channel, rather than the world, will be much simpler altogether.

It will all be so much easier and this time, in fine fettle and rude health, I will get out and about and keep my self busy! The horror of major operations and hospital stays have now faded away to nothing.

The planning permission for the WRECK project has still not appeared but it's August and France is officially shut for summer now. Life goes on at a much slower pace. I miss it.

So much to do and see!

Take me back to France and soon eh!

Anyway, without further ado, have a great Sunday and here's Helaina's recipe:

Helaina's Breakfast Oat Cake

Take a bowl, a square of cake and add some hot milk and you have a fabulous, hearty breakfast!


1 small bowl of oats or five measuring cups

pinch of salt

2 teaspoons of cinnamon

1 1/2 cup of Almond milk

1/3 cup maple syrup

dash of vanilla extract

2 eggs

1/3 cup coconut oil

3 teaspoons of baking powder

1 punnet of Strawberries

3 bananas

50 g of dark chocolate chips

How to

Mix all dry ingredients

crush 1 or 2 bananas

mix all wet ingredients

mix all together

Pour the batter into your prepared tin. Place chopped bananas, strawberries and chocolate chips on the top and bake at 350/170 for 55 minutes.

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