Baked Beans, Business and Sans Gluten Drama

Lord, I haven't had proper 'normal' baked beans for over a year! I swear, 'Beans', completely ORIGINAL Heinz baked beans that is, are the ultimate fast food! They absolutely must be completely untainted by maple syrup, BBQ sauce and what not! A very rare beast in Canada! I kid you not!

I hope you don't retch like I do when I think of our unnecessarily tampered with basic British staple!

Too much sugar!

Yuck. Sorry!

Anyway, this morning he made me untainted beans with poached eggs on toast and served with a smile! The simple food of the factory gods, eh!

If this is living like we are poor, I'm all in! One, he made it (always tastes better when someone else cooks). Two, he will soon be gone back to working abroad, three, I made a pact with myself to live 'frugally' this year because we are financing the Wreck renovation, needs must and all that. Although, I have to say I rather like the challenge and I like beans!

Still, I do think I'll have to go back to menu planning soon though, which is especially hard when shopping for one.

Cue, cost of living shock no. 1.

We've only done one proper food shop in France so far, which seemed to be overly expensive for what we got really! I do so hate it when I put the food shopping away and I realize, one, I'm missing vital ingredients and two, I've spent my weeks budget on nothing much at all! Maybe converting euros into Canadian dollars isn't helping?

I can of course plant some veggies and herbs once I'm settled. Maybe, get a couple of chickens, as I do eat a lot of eggs! Other than that I will have to venture out far and wide to make sure I make my self imposed budget work.

In other news, we spent 2.5 hours in Orange today, making sure we had French comms, in other words, mobile contracts. It was tough at the beginning. They spoke too fast. We took too long to catch up and we looked pretty dumb really. Toddler French didn't quite cut it, no surprise there, but we all persevered with a little poor french mixed with equally poor english, lots of laughter, oh and some lessons for all, we totally succeeded!

Et Voila!

It really is about the little wins in the beginning, isn't it?

Also, in my humble opinion, that's why wine was invented!

Good day? Here's some wine!

Bad day? Here's some wine.

Makes total sense!

I feel that because we've have had 18 months off from French life, we both need a reboot and a half language wise! Of course I felt like saying 'slow the fudge down love and speak/sign to me as if I am a 3 year old/deaf person.........! I didn't, don't worry. Anyway there was no problem setting up our contracts and in the end we signed up to an offer that gave us two numbers, equivalent of 100 GB and only 30 euros per month in total. I think 'the job's a good un'!

So, feeling chuffed, we went for a celebratory lunch and this is where I hate my miserable life all over again.


Should be simple, right? It was once and now it's not. I am getting used to it I guess.

Eating out isn't generally easy with celiacs disease and now we have the French country cooking which takes no account of anything really. As I said previously, I will manage on steak and eggs washed down with quaffable wine! I won't starve!

Still, I fear I will never get over the loss of choice and will always lament my past enjoyment of good grub. If only I had never tasted a fresh baguette....!

T'is what it is. I know.

Lunch was rather yuck to be perfectly honest. No! Thats a lie. The frites were to die from/of/for. They were bloody good. The omelet was rubbish, undercooked to the point of running off the plate. Raw eggs are not for me! It was pretty vile, so we ordered more frites and a steak. The entrecôte was tasty enough but a little tough. Anyway we've covered this already with 'there is always wine'! So I had two carafes 'apre midi'!


Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.............and sleep! Hehe!

Oh and before I fall into a deep, mid afternoon Nana nap, I must tell you, I have tracked down GF ice cream! Oh yes! You've no idea! YES, wheat is in everything, even ice cream!

Insert expletive here: %%$^&(*)I*)))@%!%%!F@($


Anyhoo! I'm off to walk up a grassy knoll, slide down a soft, sandy slope to then walk across the squally sand beside the angry, foamy sea.....t'is windy out there, don't blow away will you!

Till next time!

D x

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