Born, Birthday and Boring Washing up!

So, we finally got to entertain here in Canada!

I know, right? 6.5 months in!

What a fabulous night!

I even cooked and baked, Glutenous Italian Poison, but hey!

Everyone enjoyed it, I of course had no clue what it tasted like!

The Italian theme went down well, mini bruschetta's, capresse salad, cheese and charcuterie. Then slow cooked ragu lasagne and salad. To finish? I made a selection of small Italian cakes.

Fizzy wasn't the greatest fur hostess. She gets really scared when her routine changes and barks a lot. Pee's herself and is generally out of sorts. Eventually she warms up to the strangers, bless her, but clearly finds it all a bit much and is currently catching some zzzzzz's, poor bean.

The Teen set the table, very well I might add......maybe she has been watching what I do after all.

Now for the washing up!


First coffee, lots of coffee.

I don't care where you end up in the world, chatter is easier with people that speak the same language and hail from the same country, eh? Sometimes it's just really sweet to 'just be culturally you'.

I so do enjoy meeting new people, don't you?

Anywhoooo... back to the washing up, at least 3 dishwasher loads! Never mind as this morning is rather a celebratory day for our family.

My eldest daughter turned 26, Happy birthday Betty!

I also became a Great Aunty!

Welcome to the world Liam Charles Paul Kelly!

What an absolute whopper!

Really sad not to be there, to hug my daughter and squeeze that new born baby boy! Oh the new born fragrance, you never forget it, do you?

So clean and brand new. So soft and smooth. I can just smell him from here, in the nicest possible way! I could just bottle it!

News Flash!

The Planning permission for the French Wreck is in! No problems!


Gosh what a long journey it has been, just to this point.

Now it's getting real and time to get the spec done and the quotes rolling in!

I know it's only Thursday 'UnFrenchies' but the weekend is just around the corner, so hang in there wont you?

Kids will be back to school soon enough! Seems like we waited for summer for years and it's already nearly over!

I will be packing my youngest back to school next week. GCSE results looming large. This weekend will mainly be spent sorting out her 'stuff'. I will miss her very much. She's growing up a lovely, kind , independent young lady. Breaks my heart that the baby of the family is a baby no more.

T'is life eh!


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