Bye bye 2020, shut the door on your way out !

I don’t know about you, but for such an awful year it has, for the most part, gone quickly. So many of us had exciting plans for the year, memories to make, places to visit, old friends to meet up with and suddenly life as we knew it creaked to a halt. Never in my lifetime has the world stopped turning but this year certainly managed to do that.

Ever since we retired, we have made a point of going out for lunch on a Saturday, usually to a pub but since February we haven’t been able to indulge, not a huge thing in the light of what so many are going through, but it definitely helped us keep happy. Pubs here in the Uk are really struggling to keep afloat and I can see our traditional habit vanishing , hopefully not for ever. Our local started serving take always of both food and beer, and the garden was reinvented with heaters and gazebos for the hardy drinkers !

During the first lockdown, we obeyed all the rules, used more soap and sanitiser than ever, hands were sore, so copious amounts of hand cream were used too. I up-cycled some furniture , a skill totally new to me , and look forward to wielding my brushes again soon. My OH painted the hall and stairs, no mean feat when you live in a four storey town house, the wretched spindles nearly drove him mad but, all is sparkling now. We plan to replace the stair carpet at some point and also lift the carpet in the lounge to put down wooden flooring, Versaille is our pattern choice, if we aren’t living in France we will have a bit of France here in Hampshire ! I also picked up my knitting needles, on the 'team' I am known as Di the knitter !!

In August , as a family, we managed our escape to Dartmouth for two much needed weeks of sea air, sun and fun. My daughter works in a GP surgery and has worked throughout , whilst homeschooling two children, she is a single mum so we lend as much support as we can. We are her support bubble so try and visit at least once a week, and we spent Christmas with them. Her surgery have been amazing and have allowed her to mainly work from home, heading to the office two mornings out of five, her ex has, for once, stepped up and helped out with childcare too.

I guess what I am trying to say, in a somewhat rambling way, is that we have all found new ways to do things, new skills to develop. It’s made us all stop, evaluate and reset our lives , I know I have spent far less money on clothes, etc this year, make do and mend has been my mantra. I have also tried new recipes, I knew all my cookery books would come in handy one day !

And , most importantly we have learned to show care for our fellow man in a way we perhaps haven’t before. So I wish you all a Happy New Year, fingers crossed the vaccines are soon delivered and pumped into us all and we can quell this pandemic once and for all.

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