Cabin Fever

Let me just start by saying, this 6 nights in a cabin in the woods in Ontario, by the Lakes was absolutely my idea.

Things I didn't take into account?

A nasty heatwave coupled with crippling 86% humidity.

Bugs the size of helicopters, that go anywhere/everywhere, yes every crack and crevice! The critters leave red painful welts the like of which I've never seen/felt before.

We are just bites with human attributes! Insect leftovers..............they will be back!

I do feel like a semi raw, corn on the cob, constantly nibbled on with just a few bits left!

The cabin does not have AC. I really thought it did.

A daughter who is allergic to being bitten. Emergency room trip number 1!

A tyre puncture that appears not to be fixed and NO the air conditioning part for the car wasn't the correct one and so we made the car journey with heads stuck out the windows!


A puppy that got heat stroke.

A husband with a dodgy calf muscle which popped, just after the Tree Tops *zip wire demo!

The first few days were an absolute trial to be brutally honest and I think we all wanted to go home.

Water + forrest + heat + bugs ............ made miserable 4 holiday makers!

We prevailed.

All sorts of bug and bite remedies bought. Kings ransom on super fans, for the cabin to cool us and our tempers down! A few trips to the doctors to ensure the Teenager's arm didn't drop off in the night!

We are now half way through the trip and resting in the cabin today. Believe me we all need some time out after using every ounce of our energies being a bit 'Bear Grills' yesterday!

It would be nice to sit out but we fear the flying monsters snack attacking on us some more, especially now they have the taste for sweet, wobbly, white, flaccid English flesh. We must be cocaine to the bug world, eh?

Instead the kids are playing some weird game on their phones and he's gone to have the tyre fixed again!

I'm busy cleaning, washing, making beds.......the usual! Sometimes you just take normal life with you on holiday, right?

Yesterday though, was the stuff adventurous trips are made of.

Amen to that!

Memories made and personal boundaries pushed. 6 hours of canoeing on the Algonquin, scenery to die for and the weather was actually pretty kind for once.

We rowed until we could row no more, then hiked to enjoy the Algonquin plant life, canoes balanced on heads. Ate weird leaves that tasted like 'Germolene', pressed tree trunks for sap and got all heady at the top. Worth every step in unsuitable lake shoes, just for the views. Just to live a little.

The air was so clean at the top and our lungs were confused for a while!

What? No pollution?

Welcome to the real Canada, the wilderness.

It was beautiful and a little prehistoric looking.

We devoured a pic-nic lunch by the lake and later rowed to Whiskey Jack Lake to do some Moose spotting. Ugly beasts really, belonging to another place in time.

Saw some 'Loons' (birds, not people), heard the call of the Canadian Bull Frog and generally drank in Canadian Christmas tree heaven on earth.


Nature on steroids and left one feeling rather insignificant.

Finally, before making the trip back, we flung ourselves off cliffs (as you do) and into the cool, dark, lake water!

There were tears and tantrums along the way, of course. The Teen felt very unwell but once on a group 6 hour lake trek, you just have to go with the flow.

Suck it up buttercup and she did. Even having a little dramatic fling into the lake at the end!

Ben, our guide, was the business, bless him! He put up with English and Swiss antics and never missed a beat, educating us well along the way, even treating us to a little sing song whilst we row, row, rowed those boats...merrily down the stream!

This afternoon, we may shop a bit in Huntsville and treat the dogs to a lake adventure of their own. Poor things are mainly stuck inside hugging the fans!

Tomorrow is motor water sports, my belated birthday meal out and all too soon, time to pack up and head back to the city!

This is Canada for me and I will be forever grateful for these few days and being able to pop some ticks on my bucket list!

Till next time.

D x

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