Cabin Fever

Alone, alone......not really!

Can't imagine what this confinement would have been like on my own! Jeez! I think I may have broken the curfew and buggered off! Sold my body to science...........okay not my liver, or eyes...thats just weird but hey!

Luckily, he's still here trapped with me for entertainment!

Lucky chap!

I'm used to working from home and keeping busy no matter what. Even when I'm sick, I work, it's an ethic I developed over time and I think its good for me. I also believe it's good for you! Busy minds make you drink less!

'Him in Doors' is not used to working from home anymore, but is totally lapping it up. His current position is at the dining table in his 'demi' pjs........t shirt and boxers no less, shouting down the ether at folks unknown, whilst I clatter in the kitchen!. Rude man! I mean at least get dressed and washed by supper time please!

Thank goodness we don't have the possibility of visitors! The only issue is that he's on French time but is working with North America and two different time zones, which means he happily works into the night, whilst I on the other hand need my beauty sleep! So today we made the effort to clear the kitchen of boxes and make the dining table his temporary HQ! In a bijou cottage it doesn't make a lot of difference but he does get to live another day!

Home and internet working has been slow to catch on, but it is the future. Kinda needs to be now though, right?

Those businesses that don't need or have an a base in a bricks and mortar office will be the ones that survive this COVid 19. Not having an office means less expense and that will make a difference down the line. I've never subscribed to the thought that homeworkers are lazy. I'd say quite the opposite and entrepreneurs are more likely to work long hours from home than the average 9 to 5 Joe.

Please do, if you can, find away to support all your local small businesses!

I must admit on only day 4 of armageddon, we have both got a bit of cabin fever. There are jobs to do but we need to hire a van to do them. This clearly isn't happening right now. Such is life. it's also a drizzly day and we can't be arsed! We are making the best of it however with a 'make do and mend' attitude. Garden chairs have been brought in. We've moved boxes upstairs as those rooms aren't being used yet. There is a lot to do but nothing to do, if you know what I mean! It's a much longer work in progress than we imagined!

I've been showing signs of fever and a cough since I got back from UK five days ago, so of course I am self isolating. Can't do anything about it except take my vitamins and paracetamol and wait it out. We take light walks with the dogs but we walk apart, although why? I've no idea as we sleep in the same bed!

I could have a cold, flu or hay fever or a combination of all three. I hope sincerely I don't have the dreaded virus. If I do I hope I survive to tell you all about it eh!

I haven't helped my mood much by watching a series on NETFLIX, called Pandemic! I know, but honestly watch it. It's a documentary horror story and a half. Whilst we sleep, overindulge and moan a lot, there are scientists all over this planet working to stop the next pandemic!

They know it's coming, just when!

Oh er excuse me it be!

So here is COVID 19. The latest infectious disease to threaten the whole of humanity.

One thing it isn't, is the Flu. If it were we would be covered to a point. No. We have no immunity to this new virus and no vaccine yet. It spreads like wildfire. Make no mistake we need to stay away from each other to stay one step ahead of this beast. Boris scares me a bit as hes playing catch up and therefore fast and loose with my kids lives!

Anyway I ain't going nowhere, as they say in terrible English! Who would entertain you?

I've noticed Bertie Cocker Spaniel is suffering a bit and pacing the kitchen so we make more time to play! Fizzy is okay, but is now permanently on the lead when we go near the farm ditches full of cow poop!

Little minx.

She's sleeping way better, much longer, due to the fantastic shutters we have at the back of the house! Even then we let her out early for a pee and she happily goes back to sleep for another hour or so. It's a freaking miracle! We've come such a long way since the up 5 times a night nonsense!

In other news I want to plant 'stuff'! By that I mean, anything that grows! It's almost an obsession now, born out of having a year without a garden. Whomever lived here had a dog or dogs that wrecked the grass so we are trying to mend it slowly. Great little project to have. I've planted some herbs, love me a kitchen garden and I want to plant some veg. He was asking about Mothers day on Sunday. Firstly, I said don't panic, I will celebrate French Mothers day. He pushed on. I said we could eat out in the home kitchen?


'What about a gift?' He said?

ummmmmmmmm no clue

'How about a tomato trellis?' he ventured

Now he's talking my gardening language, good lad!

More soon

D x

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