Can we be friends again?

Can we?

Or is the destruct button pressed in and stuck fast?

Post Brexit day has been and gone and it's all bit dry desert and tumbleweed.

A big empty hole to fill.

No one knows how this will play out.

I purposely landed in France yesterday on the 31st of January 2020, in reluctant, silent protest.

I keenly felt the loss of welcome in the country, I want to call my home.

Of course, the future Almanac of this decade, will one day reduce this issue to just words. History will tell us about a divisive war of words, opinions, strong feelings in the United Kingdom.

I do hope we have a happy ending, don't you?

I can't look into the face of those that sold us out to trade deals with Trump. To hate, sexism, division and greed.

This morning is the 1st of February and we don't feel UNITED at all, do we?

Landing at CDG airport in Paris yesterday, I felt embarrassed to walk through the EU passport holders area.


I understood the extra scrutiny of my British passport and the snide comment about a visa. I understood the distain in his eyes.

Just who do we think we are?

The problem is, he doesn't realize I never wanted this!

We have lost more than just freedom of travel and trade, we've lost friends and the respect of our once fellow Europeans.

It isn't kind, clever or sexy.

This isn't a Hollywood movie.

It is what it is, I know and we are left rather hurt, angry and confused.

Worse than this, is the concern that our place at the table has been compromised and our rights and privileges revoked in an instant!

We couldn't stop it.

Did we try hard enough?

Did we?

We now question DEMOCRACY?

How did this happen? What does it mean?

Life isn't a fairytale, we absolutely know this to be true, but we are entering a dangerous void of divisiveness that will only serve to make things worse not better.

It isn't right and it's not done in my name.

As I sit here, jet lagged, listening to the Normandy rain and the clock ticking steadily like heart beat. I try to remember the wars we have fought and won before. Of the sacrifices made for the greater good.

I feel like the clock is ticking backwards now. We just don't learn.

We have survived worse. Sure.

We have an instinct to survive against all the odds. Remember that today.

Tread carefully with our lives Boris, we are watching you.

I for one have to believe it will be okay in the end and if it's not okay?

Then, it's not the end.

D x

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