Cheri, if it's Tuesday, it must be Bastille Day!

The second installment of my Bastille day celebration in Montana…

Today, I gathered a few things to complete our little Bastille intimate party.

Champagne was one of them and oops I realized it was quite outrageously priced.

By now, you should ask yourself if we can find real French Champagne in rural Montana?

Yes, we do. anywhere from Veuve Clicquot to Moet Chandon or Nicolas Feuillatte no less.

But once again, my husband grew up on beer and whiskey …what to do?

Since the pandemic brought us a sense of return to essentials and such, I decided not to splurge and chose a Prosecco in a very nicely designed bottle.

I am a sucker for lovely bottles. I also added some dark chocolate with sea salt…my kryptonite.

We had a light early dinner as it was a weeknight and no holiday for him.

It was my treat and I know by now that my UnFrench friends are laughing their ass off.

It is not a secret that I am the Less foodie of the bunch. So I admit my meals are always simple, right to the point. I take no offense as to being known as the queen of microwave cooking!

For me, the important thing was a date night with my best friend.

So, I didn’t slave in the kitchen all day, not going to lie. I decided on a simple, simple dinner, pretty much finger food. Some chips and salsa, and guacamole, no, not very French…I know.

Light prosciutto, tomato, and mozzarella salad with a light splurge of olive oil.

My basil is not ready yet so I had to cheat and bought some. I planted purple basil and normal basil but none of them is ready.

In Montana, our planting and harvesting season is so much shorter than in France. The soil takes a long time to warm up and we typically do not plant anything before mid to end of May.

My strawberries are not ready as well, so I went for cherries.

A simple dinner really.

I went to pick some flowers for a simple bouquet. The greens are tarragon branches, a carrot flower, sage, and others I don’t’ remember the name. It is small and pretty and now sits on our dining room table. The herbs smell good. I often mix herbs and flowers.

In Normandy, I have beautiful hydrangeas, but of course, they would not survive our harsh winters here.

So here I was, the flowers and the decoration I tried yesterday. The prosecco and the light dinner…hum what’s left?

The music of course, for the ambiance! I like gypsy jazz music and the romantic classic French songs.

From Zaz to Thomas Dutronc, Nolwenn Leroy, to Edith Piaf and Yves Montand...As we danced to " C'est si Bon", Adolf, our dog, wanted we had a threesome, haha. I know, hey.

We can't ignore those furry friends!

Yesterday, we talked about making a fire but were unsure as the strong Montana winds don’t always cooperate.

Mostly North and west winds.

Our house here is small, amazingly simple, homey, and comfy. A total contrast with our Normandy house where I left my antique furniture and heirlooms.

Frankly, the Montana house feels so much easier to deal with, smaller, new, and, fresh.

We had a fabulous time, dancing and laughing, telling jokes and singing with the music.

You could think my life is divided into two worlds, two cultures. Not really, I go back and forth and appreciate both sides equally, to be totally honest.

Merci mon Amour!

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