Cheri,on est déjà le 14 Juillet? Honey, is it Bastille Day already?

Bonjour! #UnFrenchSophie, here.

Wow! Already Bastille Day, year 2040...oops 2020…I look around, one more time, and pinch myself to make sure I am still here and didn't get teleported in Lalaland.

The 14th of July is the anniversary of the day Parisians stormed the Bastille in 1789.

A turning point for the French revolution really. Now le 14 Juillet is a national holiday and one of the oldest military parades in the world. Usually, in almost every village, at nightfall, you can hear celebrations, “guingette and gypsy music” and fireworks.

In my village, La Madeleine Bouvet, in Normandy, the fireworks are shot from the reservoir at the entrance of the village. It is a real show with magical colors.

It is also the time where everywhere are firemen balls, and for once everyone comes together and dances all evening. This year so many events got canceled all over…

Not fair! Have we all the feeling that somehow, we are robbed of our summer and our year for that matter…

This year, I am in Montana, unable to return to France for the celebration with my family. So instead, why not bring it home? And just like that, I am!

I put my French flag on, a patriotic garland kind of, that I am going to unearth from the attic here.

Not to forget the fairy lights and lights on the porch. A sense of normal and a desire to being silly, the strange combination you think, I confess.

We will put some French music, and dance a bit, laugh lots, and drink Champagne anyway. This year it will be just the two of us. The kids are away living their life. I am fine with that.

This 14th of July will surely be odd, but I am not going to let COVID highjack my little celebration. So, let us be real, we do not need an excuse to party home and celebrate my home country.

I am biased toward flutes over coupes and to tell the truth, I am not sure what I have in our Montanan house.

Oh no! I discovered 2 bizarre shaped glasses, not a flute not a coupe…an in-between, perfect for this year!

Got the glasses, and I am looking for extra decoration and I must make do with what I have as I do not want to go to the store to buy new stuff.

Singing la Marseillaise and toast our own little party, maybe we will be a little closer to home.

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