Children and gardening fit together!!!!

I hadn't realised how much I loved gardening and how much satisfaction it gives me when I produce that slightly wonky cucumber or overzealous mint!

Until recently that is!!

Now I love it for a completely different reason!!

Since we have been in lock-down, we have been coming up with different ways of entertaining our little one.... to be fair he is fairly easy to entertain as he loves doing everything, so long as it on his terms!!

I am not sure why the idea did not come to us sooner, as he loves the great outdoors and anything that will get him out side.

So we came up with the idea he should have his own garden bed to look after and with my no-dig veg patch doing really, we embarked on making it look appealing and fun for him!

He loves it and is so engaged in what he is learning too.... especially when the hose-pipe is out!! When it finally starts to produce, I can't wait to send him out to pick his own dinner for that evening!

If anything, it will encourage him to eat more veggies, as he is the one that is nurturing them to full growth. That’s the theory anyway!!

For the time being we have planted corn, sunflowers, beans and edible flowers which should all hopefully start coming up soon. I doubt there will be any frost now as one of our neighbours is proudly displaying his cacti on his wall again this year!! I must say they are very impressive!!

Gardening is also teaching him the responsibility of looking after something that is his and only his.

Which he loves...!

I cannot wait to teach him all about the different insects, bugs and bees that are so influential to the welfare of garden. I'd like to teach him about all the different plants to encourage the bees into the garden!

For now, we just have to wait for everything to grow, after all we have all the time in the world at the moment!!!

Anyhow that's all from me in this instalment, I hope you enjoyed the read and

“I will seed you again!”


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