Christmas Crackers and Dog Hotels!

Very, very excited here in Canada!

We are totally a Christmas family. I'm all rosy cheeks, festive waistcoat, Christmas apron, baring gifts of boozy hot chocolate and mince pies! I love it! When people ask me what I want to be when I grow up, it's absolutely the lovely, jolly lady behind the great fabled man in the red coat, with the long white beard, who has a penchant for flinging himself down chimneys!

I am 'Mrs Clause'.....Santa's wife!



My very own Santa is a little grouchy about the expense of Christmas, but entirely happy to celebrate, decorate, eat and be very merry! Bless him. His awful turkey jumper comes out to play, every year without fail and he doesn't complain at all, about the back to back soppy movies or Micheal Bubb.el..layaaa's Christmas album on permanent loop de loop!

I know, crackers right, but who wouldn't want 'the' one job, where all you get to do is make people happy!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Of course not everyone celebrates or even likes Christmas, although I'm never entirely sure how you can avoid it! Still, even if you don't celebrate it or prefer the season as a 'holiday' or 'winter blip', there's lots you can do to make the winter holiday period cheery! Pretty twinkling lights, log fires, wrap up warm, time back in the bank of life and not a Santa in sight! No reason not to be jolly, I'd say! Christmas is really a feeling and not much of a fairy tale anymore. We won't get into the religious argument here now or ever! Suffice to say, Christmas is what you want to make it! Doesn't matter!

Me? Personally I would celebrate the opening of an envelope if it meant time off and good will to all women and animals!

As I've gotten older, presents are just something we sort of do and whilst I love giving, it's really not as important as getting together with friends and family for holiday hijinks!

Took me a while to get to the point where I didn't feel obliged, to send gifts to people I never see or contact. Yes, I may miss them and think of them often, but this is never improved by spending a fortune, is it?

I stopped sending Christmas cards a few years ago, bar the bare minimum now. You know, just the special ones to my Mum and Dad and their dog! As generally, I would spend an arm and three legs buying them, writing them, stamping them and then forget to send them! Waste of time and money, oh and paper! Now I'm in Canada, I'm not paying for the airfare too! I mean it's not eco friendly is it! Think about your carbon footprint people!

Bah Humbug!

This year, I get to see my son, his best girl and my youngest daughter in New York!. My eldest daughter? I sincerely hope, that by next Christmas, she will be well enough to join in again. That's my Christmas wish this year. My only one.

My youngest is a Christmas baby and so we are also celebrating her 18th birthday this silly season! As a mark of respect to all December babies, we don't decorate until after her birthday and then its all go, go, go and if I'm honest a little rushed. It can be challenging for those December deliveries getting a birthday mixed up with the festive season, I'm sure! So, it's just the way it is for our family now. I start on the 15th and burn out by Christmas eve!

The great thing about a growing family, is that once they are no longer children they realize it not just about the gifts! More about, the dreadfully funny, post dinner table games and all those memories we have made a long the way! Then I guess the grandkids turn that all on it's head again?

My dogs will be getting stockings this year, full of toys, tennis balls, chews and an IOU for a garden in 2020! Bless! Fizzy and Bertie are off to a dog hotel whilst we travel, to meet the kids! I'm a little nervous for Fizz as she's had a rough start, come a long way but is ultimately not interested in change to routine, new people or dogs!

Will this go well? Who knows but she will have Bertie along for support!

Anyway, The Social Pup Dog Spa and hotel sounds quite the business! They have suites rather than the cold, grey kennels Bertie is used to! I'm sure Fizz will order a pamper session or too and spend hours on someone's knee! Just as it should be I suppose. Of course I've had to cut off my last brass buttons to pay for it all, but as long as they are happy and comfortable, then it's all okay with me!


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