Christmas preparations !

Yesterday I decided to make chutney for the very first time ! I was so nervous, but the draw of homemade clementine and cranberry chutney drew me in and after a few deep breaths I was off. Cranberries, clementines, onions, peppercorns, red wine vinegar, Bramley apples and sugar all bubbled away on the hob for an hour, getting thicker and stickier 😋😋. I sterilised the jars and kept them warm in the oven as per the instructions. This morning all is complete and ready to infuse for a few weeks, roll on Christmas !

On Sunday my lovely daughter decided to make her chocolate Christmas cake, she always uses this Nigella recipe (photo credit BBC Food) her kitchen smelled amazing. Lots of fruit, prunes (!) oranges and plenty of Tia Maria. It lasts well and is very moist. In fact she also makes one to take into her office, she is a PA in a local GP practice, and they all polish it off very quickly and ask for it each year.

Many of you are cat lovers and some have new kittens just ready for the festive season. My grand cat, Bertie, managed to chew his way through three sets of fairy lights when he was a kitten. If only we had thought to 'hang' the tree this way !

Good luck with your preparations this year, it’s going to be a very strange time for us all, but the consolation is we can celebrate again in the New Year when, hopefully, the pandemic has lost all its energy. Keep safe everyone.

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