Clickety clack !

Over the last few years, well, eleven to be precise, this is a sound my long suffering OH has become used to, at least I assume he has as I still live to tell the tale ! Intrigued ? Sitting comfortably, then let me begin.

The phone rang, this was in the old' days when news was delivered by phone rather than text messages, it was our daughter, her news was that we were going to become grandparents ! Such excitement, then I remembered the wonderful hand knitted shawl my aunt had made when I was born and so began my journey into clickerty clack land , yes I took up my needles in a desire to present my grandchild with a warm snuggly blanket. I knI had bitten off far more than I could possibly chew and very quickly my sights settled on a much smaller garment, the pattern called it a matinee jacket !

The impossibly bright white wool was purchased, along with knitting needles and I gingerly began to cast on. I can imagine your bated breath at this point but sadly it had been more years than I cared to remember since I had last knitted, this poor garment was unpicked so very many times it turned out a slight grey colour, no way could I present that. So yes, more wool was purchased and the needles clicked and clacked away until I had completed the afore mentioned matinee jacket, sadly it was never worn as babies nowadays wear sleepsuits or gro bags ! However my daughter lovingly kept it wrapped in white tissue, my knitting career had begun ! Over the intervening years I have made many cardigans, jumpers, hoodies, for Maisie our first grandchild, followed by jumpers for her brother George who arrived a few years later. Recently my nieces have had babies and yes, they have received cardigans and jumpers for their babies too. I have repurposed some cardigans that Maisie has outgrown and reworked the wool into new garments, such a great feeling of not wasting natural resources. Currently entry I am knitting baby blankets, my youngest niece had a much longed for baby a few years ago and I had found a pattern that inspired me, to my delight Seb was brought home from hospital warmly wrapped in my blanket, my heart was bursting with pride. Seb will become the 'big brother' at the end of the year so my needles are clickety clacking once more.

I have even started to teach Maisie how to knit, it may take a few years before she fully grasps the skill !

What skills have you been able to pass onto the next generation ?

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