Here I am sitting on the sofa, enjoying a large mug of coffee, whilst the OH nips out to the shops , can life get any better ?

He is worth his weight in gold, but we both realise we are possibly, ok definitely, carrying a bit more weight than is good for us. My weight has always been a seesaw but now I am older (yikes) I know deep down I need to get fitter. I do know all the right things to do but that voice in my head keeps saying you need a treat ! How many treats a day can a girl have ? (Asking for a friend as I really really know the answer !)

I have tried so many diets over the years, even diet pills (so bad for you) but the weight soon reappears, mainly on my thunder thighs and bazookas ! I am only 5’3”, on a good day 😂 do you get the picture. Dukan, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Cabbage diet, you name it I have probably tried it. Breakfast or not ? Biscuit with my coffee or not ? I have decided to try and have soups at lunchtime as we have our main meal in the evening and I know he won’t countenance changing that !

Next summer we are, fingers crossed, coming to France for two weeks and my aim is to feel less self conscious in the pool ! I have always had 'thunder thighs' , ballet lessons had a lot to answer for, and logically I know they won’t melt away, walking isn’t easy as I have a bone disorder which has left one leg shorted than the other. I have heel lifts in my shoes but my poor hips suffer, so I have an exercise bike. It stands in the bedroom and I try, I really do, to use it every morning, some weeks are better than others ! I live in a four storey house so exercise up and down the stairs too. But, and it’s a big but, with COVID around my anxiety has risen and I am panicking about not being able to get thinner, fitter etc, so then I reward myself with a biscuit etc. Comfort food really isn’t a comfort, is it ? Oh well, no more baking, a time lock on the biscuit tin and my big girl pants on this time I will keep it off, watch this space . . . 🤞🤞🤞

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