Cosy nights and damp days

Life is definitely an adventure isn’t it? It’s also a roller coaster 🙀

My OH had to go up to London on the train yesterday, I sent him off with leather gloves, a mask, hand sanitiser etc, he had the entire carriage to himself both ways, and his ticket wasn’t checked on the train but purely at the barriers at both destinations. He said how quiet the streets of the city were, very few pedestrians and even less traffic. I was heartily relieved when he returned home and I had decontaminated him !

Neither of us wanted him to go but needs must, it made me think how differently I view the work outside my door now, I no longer feel the urge to pop to a department store to browse the goods on offer, it’s so much safer to view online and then shop locally. My local shops have a wonderful array of gifts, food etc, a new greengrocer has actually opened in town a few weeks ago, mind you the prices are a tad silly but people will pay for good quality food, especially at this time of year. We have both just been for our flu jabs, a first for him but we thought better safe than sorry this year. Home now ready for a mug of hot chocolate complete with cream and marshmallows, because we didn’t cry 😉

Di x

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