Cuban Comedy Hour

Oh I do love a good belly laugh, Don't you?

Due to to the awkward part of me, not wanting to faff with controls or wishing to partake in lots of scrolling, just to watch TV, I let him do all the donkey work.

I like a surprise (sometimes)!

So he gets lucky and gets to choose for once!

My dear chap, takes great pride in finding 99p films to watch and to be fair, 9 times out of 10 they are pretty dam good!

We binned the Canadian TV package a few months in, as it was really quite rubbish, very expensive and now rely on our VPN to watch the Uk channels, NETFLIX, Amazon Prime and Apple TV and its really more than okay!

Sooooo Expat, eh!

Last night, he chose Ricki Gervais Stand Up Comedy, don't think he's done one for years but here he is again!

My goodness he goes where no one else dare these days, Ricki, that is not my man and it is terrible funny, if a little cringe worthy.

No subject off limits and no holding back with the swear words. Taking a pop at anyone he can! He's a witty, clever, very wicked man!

I have to say, I 'guiltily' enjoyed nearly dying from screaming with laughter, more than I felt I really should.

Its a new age affliction!

Have we lost the ability to laugh at the unfortunate? At self?

I do hope not!

I'm all for being politically correct, sure and all that, but I do like a break from it all to have several good chuckles at someone else's expense eh! It's called comedy for a reason right? The same as art is subjective, right?

Don't like it? Walk on by!

If we sensor the comedians, what's left, eh?

Life would be very dull!

'Freedom of Speech' has become more about NOT saying what we want to these days! We are all scared of rocking the proverbial boat. Everyone is entitled to be a minority and entitled to rage against the world for it!

I think many people are angry about something, nothing or anything! We all have a 'thing' that needs taking into account and others have to dance around.

I have a food allergy and yes, he went there. I found myself realizing, that's how I may come across.........just a bloody annoying allergy!

You gotta laugh!

I'm okay with it.

If you can't laugh at yourself then, you may as well give up and go meet your maker now, eh! Well, that's if you actually believe we were made in the first place!

If you dont believe me just go to Twitter! Social media has made people make fiction into fact!

Fake news is rife! People believe Fake News!

Everyone has an opinion, everyone has rights! We battle the 'entitled' all day long! It's crazy! Sure makes for great comedy though!

My advice is a good giggle is good for the soul, lightens the load and YES, we do know that something's shouldn't be said out loud, but it's terribly funny when they are!

What i really like about Ricki is that he gives his support and money to stop animal cruelty around the world. He doesn't mince his words one ounce!

Snaps for Ricki!

So now it's to my Cuban dance hour!

Moving in Middle Age is something we must do and I do. I have various things I do daily, to ensure I get a sweat on and my favourite is to strut my stuff in the house when home alone.

In the kitchen to be precise, the dogs as my audience.

I shout at Alexa to play me some heavy beat Cuban music and off we go!

Hips swaying, feet tapping and boy it feels good!

Takes me back to my youth, when dancing was everything!

I may need a little WD 40 here and there now, who cares?

Try it for size! Let me know how you get on?

D x

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