Day 3 - Frustrated

Honestly, I'm in an 'if only' mood.

If only we had finished unpacking, hired that van and finished sorting this new abode! We didn't and so it's not entirely comfortable living with boxes everywhere. No wardrobe, dining chairs and too much of the wrong stuff here and the right stuff in storage, only a few miles away! He wanted to buy a trailer and tow bar when we got here, I said wait. As it is our car is yet to arrive in port so nothing to do but wait.

Every time I go to do something, it's blinking missing! Arggghhhhhhh!

Keep calm Donna and Carry the fudge on!

I've learnt to keep busy over the years, sure, moving country to country I can entertain myself but I have to say of all the jobs I could do here, there aren't many I can actually achieve.

I came to France just a few weeks ago, I think 6 weeks ago. I'm a bit lost time wise. It was newly 2020 and I was full of hope, excited about my new career in property. It would seem this virus will delay my amazing new job by months! Thanks life!

Lots of niggles but in the back of my mind an issue never goes away. Yes daughter no.2 is with her brother thankfully and will happy study at home. It is what it is. Most of you know the issues with my eldest daughters mental health? If not scroll down my blogs to find out about her and our struggle. Anyway, she's been reaching out to us more and we had planned to bring her over, initially for Easter. Later? If we can make it work then maybe we make it permanent. I know it won't be easy getting her into the French system but we were prepared to try.

Meanwhile, the 'system' has failed her again and after being shoved from pillar to post since Christmas, yesterday, she was dumped in a homeless shelter in Bridlington.

I know.

We are all beside ourselves.

This 'system' supposed to protect her is a farce.

We can't get to her and she can't get to us. We've no one to check on her or support her. I'm going to reach out to some charities and see if we can find help. If you know of any help we can access to help her please let us know!

Being an Ex Soldier 'Him in Doors' is quite merrily entertaining himself. Me? I'm struggling a bit. I will rally, I promise but I'm a bit disappointed in life at the moment.

He said 'start permanent house shopping online'. I felt it was too early, way too early, we just moved for goodness sake, no intentions of moving for 6 months or so but to occupy my mind, we spent a couple of hours surfing anyway! To be honest I didn't like anything much. He likes a few hideous monsters and I barely like even one and never the twain shall meet! In fact some of the houses like makes me wonder why we are married!


Forgot to tell you last weekend, I was with the'A' team at the French Prestige Property Show and sadly it was a bit of a damp squib due to impending virus doom. Still, we met some lovely couples with fire in their eyes and a hunger to move to La Belle France, bless them. Some were years away from the big jump across the pond, so if they have hope, so can I. Sometimes, we just have to wait for the 'right time' for that dream to become a reality, right?


We did manage to squeeze in a lot of eating whilst in the UK for the show. For once I was well catered for Gluten Free wise, in fact I possibly put on 5 lbs in wine and grub weight! Made a change to be able to eat well and not just be offered steak and frites! We also snuck in some supermarket shopping which will keep me going for a while! On the Ferry back it was like the Marie Celeste...........4 people in the cafe! With the rise and fall of the ship on the chopping sea, it was all a bit Titanic really!

More than ever now, we need to hold on to our dreams and to community spirit, even if for now it's remotely. Remember, if you can help someone just a little bit, do! We are reminded how very human we are right now. How vulnerable. We need each other during these difficult days, weeks or months ahead. I know, breathe!!

Okay, I'm off to wash it off, then walk it off.

Hang in there!

Big loves.

More soon

D x

p.s At least this planet of ours is recovering! As travel comes to a halt, the earth can finally breathe again! There is hope for our future!

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