Day whatever zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Wakey wake sleepy heads!

Is it day 6 or 7? I forget!

I wake up each day confused and ask him what day is it? Unfortunately, I've forgotten by early evening.

Under different circumstances, our day today was the stuff of dreams over the years. Years of work, travel and child rearing behind us. This last few lockdown days has been almost idyllic, all the time in the world to do not a lot together, but it feels weird frankly.

Wrong somehow.

We bumbled along today, sorting a few things, you know normal chores like washing, changing the bed sheets, that sort of mundane weekend housekeeping, after lovely mothers day champagne, no actual real kids in tow! Then went a long dog walk on a tummy full of champagne and chocolate.


I do wonder how much heavier we will come out of this?

Thankfully, I have more energy today, but still have a tight chest and low grade cough. I guess unless there's a test that tells me if I have had the virus, I will never know. I will just keep self isolating blissfully unaware of my viral status.

We went further than usual on our walk today, but again never saw another human being. We really could be the last people on earth for all we know, especially since we burnt through our Orange 4g internet allowance in just under two weeks!

Isolation without internet? A blessing or torture?

I'd say the later, but I did need a break from the socials today. Life does have a way of delivering what you need when you need it.

It really is deathly quiet here now, we could hear a pin drop, find a needle in a haystack, even nosey Alexa has gone to sleep and stopped bloody listening in. We have to hop on our phone hotspots for a few minutes to do any internet work and even then the signal isn't fab, again!

We are actually reading. I know! Not just building a pile of pretty books to read one day when we have time, we have time now.

It's miracle.

A few hours ago, we were both sat in the lounge reading, tummies full of Shepherds pie and Rhubarb crumble, food coma in full play. The only disruption we could hear was of the welcome kind. Bertie snoring, birds tweeting oh the the log fire crackling and its not even bloody Christmas!.


Bliss.... but only if we knew, down the line that this lockdown would soon be over, the economy survives intact, the death toll low, not dear to us and we go on as before, sort of, then I guess we would enjoy it more.

We don't know that, do we?

We've all hung out on social media in our various communities, keeping our spirits up but I can feel us running on empty now. Waxing and waning with our camaraderie and support. I can be exhausting being positive and frightening reading all about the killer virus 24/7! I am not surprised we need to take a little break from social media, here and there, to ensure we keep our mental health STAYS healthy.

Do take a break every few days, step away from the key board and take a breath. Remember to connect in the here and now for real, rather than totally rely on facebook, instagram or messenger. Dip in and out. Keep it real.

I have to say, here in France the lockdown is enforced and well managed, thank goodness. We have access to food and medicines, petrol, doctors and pharmacists. There is no panic. It's not terribly scary at the moment but what does worry me, is the way the UK is handling this crisis or should I say isn't handling it?

The sheer greed, panic and flouting of the social distancing advice is chronic. I fear it will be catastrophic in the fight to flatten the curve of this virus and like many Expats, I'm livid. My family are in the UK. Does their survival depend on these morons? I sincerely hope not. I'm truly baffled by the lack of self control in supermarkets and the governments confused message and 'late to the party' attitude! I've been accused of Uk bashing but honestly I am petrified for my loved ones. It's as if only a fraction of the UK population actually get it! This virus is real, a PANDEMIC not a joke! Get a grip Boris please before it's too late eh!

More soon!

D x

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