Decorating with Food and Natural Materials - October

How to make your home glow with natural autumn ambience....The Very UnFrench Wives way!

After all France is very much less is more, right?

Being a foodie, my take on October decorating in the home is obviously food orientated. Baskets full of small pumpkins and squash! Then use them and replace!

Pots of red and green chillies add vivid, vibrant colours to your kitchen! Autumn and winter herbs such as rosemary and thyme in terracotta pots give a little indoors.outdoors feel! Bringing your herbs in now before the early frost, is always a good idea!

Add further ambience with bowls of nuts and defused fragrance oils such as cinnamon and nutmeg. Pots of mulled cider just simmering away, oh my!

Burn essential oils for deeper, intense fragrances around the home.

The great thing about autumn decorating, is it doesn't have to cost a fortune! Most of what you use to decorate you will eat or re use again and again!

Make little candle wreaths you can use year after year! The only thing you are buying is a candle or two and lets face it, you can make these yourself too!

Create cosy corners with blankets, candles and homemade wreaths. Dried leaves make great wall decorations and the kids will love making these!

Large architectural flowers will dry and make fabulous decor for a good few months!

Dried flowers, leaves, fresh pumpkins, cushions and blankets all add to the Hygge feel. Hunker down and stay a while?

When you have guests over you can easily add an autumn feel with a pumpkin table setting.

Make a doorstep scape with painted pumpkins to match your decor style! Doesnt all have to be orange!

Baskets of dried grasses and wheat make fabulous centre pieces.

Hope we gave you some great idea's for your home in October!

Have a lovely Autumn!

Donna x

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