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Updated: Jul 30, 2019

And breathe.............what a Monday and it's only 8am! Somewhat different to yours I bet?

I have your current situation in my mind and it's rather more spiffing than mine, I'm sure! Probably involves a smug sigh from you and yours, as you go merrily about your new life in France, paint brush in hand, eh?

Different daily grinds.....!

The photo above is from UnFrench Sheryl and it's what I woke up to this morning! Gee thanks Sheryl, how kind! Isn't it stunning though? Stinks awfully of peace and quiet! Tranquility even! Rather different to the traffic wizzing by, terribly, terribly close to our house in Toronto.

Actually, it was just what I needed to spur me on today. It's been an odd 12 days and my little vacation was over days ago in more ways than one. I really needed a good shove to re motivate today and that view really sorted me out.

On with the day!

Okay, so my morning was not flinging open my french windows, to welcome in fresh air and a glorious view! No, it was the usual stinky city limits rush, to get the puppy out of the three inconvenient floors of town house, before she flooded the place! Throwing the usual withering look at my motorway surroundings and the non existent garden, before dashing back to give a bleary eyed look at the FB, website, check emails and drink tea, lots of tea.

I get my list sorted for the day. UnFrench Sarah Jane is posting away on FB, leaving me time to play catch up on website stuff. UnFrench Sheryl is in FB prison at the moment and so unable to do anything but torture me with photo's of her French Dream..........!

I have UnFrench to build. This juicy project keeps me sane at times such as these, thankfully. It's on my mind 24/7 these days. I have vision and I intend by hook or by crook to get it done!

True what they say, workers start work at 9am but not before 4 coffee's and entrepreneurs at 5am in PJ's!

Then I get a call from my man, who only left 15 minutes before on his snazzy electric bike.

Said electric bike is not co operating, has gone all Monday on him and I race out in the ancient, uber cranky Range Rover, with wheel/tyre that seems never to be fixed, no matter how much dosh we throw at it!

A few minutes later he is recovered, switching to his racing bike and I'm back staring at that photo.

Dear Sheryl.....I'm totally up for a life swap! I can be there in what? 24 hours, give or take......!

I know those that have followed me for a couple of years now, maybe longer, know I get confused as to where I am in the world sometimes!

I did think moving again would mean giving up UnFrench but in the end. it's just part of life's rich journey and thanks to the internet, I can work from anywhere in the world.

The nomadic lifestyle doesn't really suit me, you know that, but my other half is worth the ride, I guess. The original plan was to be here in Canada for a year then to move on with the same company to the USA.

The 'plan' is in doubt now, due a catalogue of errors made by said company. We are 6 months in, half way through and its been a real nightmare so far!

This leaves us wondering wether to stop the rot and make a change, sooner rather than later?

We are waiting patiently for the planning permission to be agreed formally on our 'WRECK' in France. The date for objections has been and gone, amen to that, but we still have to have the signed, sealed and delivered paperwork in our actual possession before we think about the next phase.

Renovation finance is way harder to secure than we thought, but we have a couple of good leads now. Then we need to get the specifications done and get those quotes rolling in.

Once we have all the boxes ticked, it's time to start phase one, the barn.

How we manage this, is part of our everyday conversation at the moment.

Do I head back and get to it? Risk living on my own for long periods again? Or do we stick it out here for another three years, until we cash in our chips and make France the only base?

Hum.....only time will tell and I totally believe life has a way of preparing the road ahead for when the time is right.

So tempted just to pop a caravan in the WRECK's garden and be done with it. Hobo life might suit me?

Stop laughing!

Meanwhile, we've been in full on Teenage wallet opening and taxi duty mode. UnFrench Teen's Boyfriend heads back to Blighty tomorrow evening, so she isn't letting up. Tonight bank of Mum and Dad fork out for the young star crossed lovers to dine out in Toronto without the 'parental's'.

We don't mind really. He's a nice lad and all that.

We did do the usual party trick on Saturday for our Teenage visitor and headed to the jaw dropping Niagara Falls. Temp was 34 with 86% humidity and we did the bump and sidewalk ogling with millions of tourists! Yuck! The only relief was a slight breeze with fresh Water Fall water spray. Bliss. The area was absolutely heaving! Rather different to our last visit in October which was rather more serene.

One of the amazing wonders of the world, sure but just like the Sydney Opera House. Been there done that! Is there such a thing as being over travelled?

I think so.

The worst thing about travelling to Niagara from Toronto is the legendary 400! A road which is just a wide, slow moving car park really! So bad it has its own tv show! Soul sucking shit like that I can do without frankly.

Rather fight with a loose bull on a French back road, truly!

The Teens have been happier back at Home HQ, venturing out and about using city transport. Yesterday though, it was full on OUTLET 'malling'! He definitely enjoyed a little spending spree on the usual American brands. Cheap as chips!

Then we did a pre birthday supper for the soon to be 17 year old, with a few sneaky cocktails to wash away the post shopping exhaustion.

Presents bought and laughter shared, but all too soon it will be just us and our Teenage Princess. We have her home for just a month more and then it will be time to get her ready for 6th form and life will be a little duller for it.

Don't blink!

I have some good news, I think? The son and heir has promised a visit at the end of September. Think he's frightened to book a flight as who knows if we will still be here! I totally hear him.

Oh well! I will get back to the work I have mounting up, treat my five billion mosi bites and raw sunburn and dream of France and you lot.........!

D x

A Very Unfrench Wife

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