Distraction and Distruption

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Oh Hello Monday, again!

It's been quite the weekend, all told.

I find myself not writing in the way I want to again, to deal with internet thugs! Honestly if it wasn't going to put me in a 2 x 2 cell, I would bang all their silly heads together, the blithering idiots!

My days have been starting at 4am with reports of fake profiles, trolls and people that quite frankly should get a flaming grip and I'm shattered because of it.

Keep calm and carry the heck on with it, eh?

Okay then!

Big Yorkshire girl pants pulled up to my chin, teflon coated armour on, keep on track, no matter what the back ground noise.


I'm also busy trying to figure out, how I want each room in the Wreck, which isn't easy I can tell you. Not least because I'm a bit of a procrastinator!

I have an affinity for very dark paint colours at the moment, which is giving the hubby hives! I in turn, am not a hundred percent sure, he gets the atelier look or the residential industrial feel kitchen I want. Nor do I care for the constant 'well if we run out of money it will have to do'. I mean I'm all for French life but a sink my love does not make a kitchen!

I have to tell the builder exactly what I want and where, right down to the make of paint, how many coats and so on! My mind is ABSOLUTELY blown!

Apparently, if we don't get this right the builder could probably bankrupt us, eh!

On top of all of this, the puppy girl at 9 months is in season. Yuck. Containing the whirling dervish that is Fizz, is something else right now! Everything is covered and the washing machine is being worked to death! Bertie is so gay, I swear it! He's absolutely not interested in anything she has to offer, so her embarrassing flirting is completely wasted on him!

There is still no wall, no sound barrier and no fencing to speak of. Canadian construction is slow and uber painful. Added to this, Canada has some really peculiar habits I find really irritating.

Businesses here pop signs outside houses everywhere! It really ruined a nice tidy sidewalk. They mainly stick these bendy, wobbly pesky signs up on a Friday afternoon and remove them on a Monday morning. I detest the practice and being a renegade, I often lay them flat just because!

On Saturday night, him and I were watching tv in bed, when we heard metal on metal! Someone was banging away outside our house and it was super loud! Given that we are in constant construction phase Monday to Friday, we couldn't quite believe they'd be putting in overtime or effort on a Saturday after 9 pm!

Of course not!

Anyway, it went on and on and eventually, I got up went on to the fancy balcony (that faces the busy road, just saying) and asked the perpetrators what they were playing at! I say asked loosely because you know the traffic is loud and I was a tad miffed!

Blow me down! It was only two chaps trying to hammer a sign into the rock hard ground beside the house.

One shouted back at me saying it was a public area and he could do what he wanted! Of course I got shitty with him, threatened to dial Hawaii 5 0, just as my chap arrived on the balcony and stood in dog poop!

After ten minutes of dog poop drama, I went back outside to check and they were gone! Luck escape guys! You live another day!

The next morning I discovered the reason for the disturbance, not business touting as usual but political touting and I was livid!

Some chap wanting re election in the area so bad, he was prepared to wake the residents up!

Note to self: must write to his secretary and tell her I will be round to his house after dark with a big sign and an equally big hammer!

You won't be getting my vote buddy!

In other news, I've glutenised myself again by eating 'After Eights'! You know, those slim square mint chocolates that appear in time for Christmas? Well.....but of course they have wheat in them!

I don't know, they just fell into my mouth!

Didn't do my usual detective work until I wanted to vomit!

My life! The longer I go without gluten the worse the sickness is when I do! I keep telling people you could probably kill me by waving a french Baguette under my nose these days!

Also, the teen has decided she isn't coming home for half term and I am gutted. Why does my last baby have to grow up and have an actual life?

Beyond me!

In fact why does she need a boyfriend and friends? We have dogs!


I'm looking forward to my return to France but no date yet, sadly!

The weather here is lunacy, warmish and very wet mainly. One has to have 5 changes of clothing ready every day for any eventuality.

Last night we gave in and dragged the big quilt out of its wrapping again and actually had the best sleep. Wonder if it's the weight of it that makes us feel more comfortable. I do miss the whirr of the Air Conditioning though. I preferred it to his snoring.

Yours ever the Grumpy cow

D x

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