Doing France remotely!

Nothing is easy, is it?

If it was, would it be worth having? Not sure! Probably not!

I'm heading into a really unsettling few months, I know that with the absolute certainty of someone, who has moved an awful lot more than is healthy, but I'm very hopeful and pretty excited to be finally going home, to put down roots and get a slice of that normal life pie!

Part of the joy of being the founder of UnFrench has been reading about all those French adventures you've all had! You've all sold it to me again and again, over and over! You gave me hope!

Thank you for that.

We all know it's not perfect but life in France is what we make it, right?

I've been living a confused life for around 18 months now and I will admit it hasn't been easy. Different time zones haven't helped at all really. I get up and you are already on liquid lunches! Bad, naughty! Really strange when I'm just tackling a boring breakfast! I just get going and you've all gone to bed!

I found I've been working my mornings, with just one eye open even before my first sip of tea, trying desperately to catch up!

Living on French time in Canada has been, well, odd! I will happily admit to feeling disorientated and disconnected. There have been many days when I wanted to throw the towel in, but I didn't and I'm so glad I didn't give up or in!

At this point I must say yet another big thank you to the team of beautiful, clever ladies behind UnFrench! Without them we would all be terribly bored! They have offered us all friendship and laughter but most of all, support.

The community we have all built together thrives because of them and you!

My love/hate relationship with France makes sense when you know the whole story! Don't worry, I will remind you another time, suffice to say I survived to tell the tale.

We have to be careful in life to not live another persons dream, just to make them happy. Somewhere along the line, I finally warmed to the prospect of the WRECK project and making a life in France with you all.

Eventually I realized that France is indeed home.

Sadly, this morning I contacted the architects technician about the spec for the WRECK project and he informed me the architect passed away just before Christmas. It's not just sad, it's life right there in the raw eh.

We don't have forever and that's a fact.

Getting nearer the UK is imperative in some ways. 'B' is doing better and is in Step Down support with MIND for the next 28 days. Of course we can't help worrying about the next step but remain eternally hopeful. 'H' has a tummy bug and is feeling very sorry for herself. Bless.

Oh and I got a reply from my Micro Entrepreneur application and shockingly it was er....'computer says no'.

Darn it!

I've decided to wait until I am back to go and visit the right office or something not sure yet! French paperwork is a bit of a minefield! My bravado was misplaced but thats life eh!

I will get there eventually and so will you!

D x

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