Dutch Courage

Yesterday, was rather busy here at UnFrench HQ, lots going on and it's a little tough, doing the one eye open typing thing, being as I'm 6 hours behind you all in France!

Scratch that, it's generally chaos! His morning routine is clashing with mine a bit at the moment. I really must start hiding in the office!

Anyway, I had one of those days yesterday. Teen's GCSE's results due in hours few and I suddenly decided maybe we weren't ready for France again!

Cold feet?

Found myself clenching my jaw, feeling a little overwhelmed with family stuff and generally worried about the Teen's reaction, to any poor results, second time round.

Courage came in the form of a glass of Calvados just before bed!

Thank you France!

Finally relaxed, I feel asleep and forgot to turn the ringer back on my phone, for the early morning results call.

I woke naturally (naturally in our house is him shuffling around and two mad spaniels jumping on our heads) at 5am and squinted at my phone.

4 missed calls, no messages?

Oh dear.

I rang her, she picked up straight away and the OSCAR goes to Helaina! What brilliant acting!

Absolutely couldn't tell if the news was good or bad!

So this morning, she is the ecstatic owner of 11 GCSE's and we are as proud as punch!

What a star!

She turned it all round in one tough year!

Good lass!

It must have been hard to go back a year but she did it. The school was brilliantly supportive of her and thankfully this is now a good news story!

Onwards and upwards, as they say!

Some kids just aren't ready, not mature enough to settle down to the cruel British education system eh! A year and the right school made all the difference, best of all her music mark was high and last year was a big fat freddie fail.

Music was always her strength. We just didn't get it! Well we did actually.

One poor but influential friend choice, a very young but disturbed boyfriend choice, mind off the books and we had ourselves a disastrous set of results last year.

It's a gift to be able able to try again, but it must have felt like a punishment at the time.

I wasn't around through her GCSE years. I was in France recovering from a major operation and rather missing in her life. It was a catalogue of errors really.

I can't tell you how relieved we all are, to have our girl back in fine fettle and these wonderful results!

So proud of her, us and the teachers that supported her during this challenging year!

She re took history and it was a completely different exam board and syllabus! 2 years of study to cram into just a few months! No mean feat and she passed!

Snaps for Lainy!

Just goes to show, if you roll your sleeves up and get on with it, you can turn it all around again!

Never stop trying!

Generally, It's just a bad period in your life, not a bad life!

Can't stop grinning!

There's a chance of wine tonight for all, I feel!

D x

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