Duvet Days....

I must admit that since the lockdown, confinement, forced isolation, whatever you want to call it.......there have been a few duvet days.

I honestly think it has done me some good and I am feeling quite optimistic about our future now.

Like I have said before, when in your whole entire life have you stayed at home for 8 weeks in a row, spending all that precious time with your family. Never, me thinks!!! Yet that is exactly what we have been doing! It is great, in it's own special way!

Now I am fully aware, that it's no 'picnic' for many people, they are really struggling/ I get that but for me, it's kinda cleared out all my personal cobwebs. COVID19 has set my life on a different course.

Yesterday was the turning point. I realised just how much i've enjoyed the last two weeks. I have really enjoyed my time in lockdown.

Today started off relatively normal with Alfie waking first and jumping all over me, Stu bringing me a cuppa in bed (he's a keeper lol) then I looked out the window..!

I did not order rain! There was lots of it too!

Ooh my veg patch will love it, I thought to myself. To be fair, the weather forecast had said it was coming, but I generally try not to believe everything I read! Hehehe...!

Anyhoo, rain there was, so we decided to lock the world out, closing all the shutters, brought the giant duvet down from upstairs and pulled out the sofa, made it into a giant bed. Then we all snuggled down and got rainy day cozy...!

I think we started off with 'Madagascar' followed by 'Storks' and then 'Toy Story' the list goes on! God I love kids films and I don't think I have been happier! We play fought, ate biscuits, had popcorn fights, laughed and made memories, it was perfect!

No need to be anywhere... No need to do anything... Just enjoying the moment and each other.

I was truly at peace and really felt that everything will surely be okay, if I believe it? I do believe it. I have started to come up with different strategies on how to move my future business forward and to make it more secure. So if something like COVID19 happens again, which I pray it does not, we don't have to borrow from the bank or ask the government for help. Like most people who's jobs are seasonal, this year, I think it might be over before it starts, which is a shame but at the same time. I now see things more clearly for us anyway.

The future is looking a little brighter and I will arranging many more enforced duvet days, that's for sure!!

I really hope that some of you have found the time to enjoy some of this lockdown period? Who knows where the future takes us? I'm really hoping it's a much better direction we are heading in, but who knows!! It certainly going to be different......!

Bye for now,

Tia Xx

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