Eleven going thirty !

Nearly eleven years ago we were eagerly awaiting the birth of our first grandchild. Her nursery was decorated, cot ready, soft toys, etc etc, she was late arriving but at 05.30 on 26th September, Maisie Victoria arrived, all 8lbs 6 oz. Life was never to be the same again, but in the best way possible!

Fast forward eleven years and once again we are about to start decorating her bedroom, apparently it is no longer 'cool' to have a nursery mural on the walls and ceiling, she inherited the decor when moving to their new to them house six years ago. The previous owners had obviously poured love and many many layers of brightly coloured paint on the walls and the plaster work left a lot to be desired. This is beyond our capabilities so we have called on the services of Fonz to help. Alphonso, to give him his full name, is also a neighbour and excellent painter/decorator, he starts to work his magic tomorrow. Today will be spent clearing the room in preparation.

Many 'happy' hours have been spent closely examining paint samples, several of which were dabbed on the walls, and finally a choice was made, the paint has arrived. A pale lavender was the final choice, suitably grown up but not too over the top. Needless to say whilst clearing her room lots of 'special' treasures have been found under the bed, behind the chest of drawers and these cannot possibly be tossed away ! Note to self : clear the room whilst the child is at school in future 😉 and choose a cooler day to do it 🥵

Hopefully by next week the room will look more suitable for our nearly eleven year old, I wonder how many more transformations there will be before she leaves home ? Lol

Soon we will be looking at curtains and probably some new bedding , it’s never ending isn't it?

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