Expat Survival 101


Before I go there, I need to tell you that 'flying solo' means running out of milk, often!

Maybe I need a cat?

Last night I ate jelly with cream.

Could probably do with 'Meals on Wheels'..?



Last time I was in France trying to stay and enjoy it, I was sadly too poorly. My flight from France is now legendary, but no one said I couldn't do it again, did they?

I met a couple of real gems last time round, that are still friends now, but I really didn't get to venture out much. I knew that if I returned to try again, it would have to very different.

It is! I moved back and started a career as an Estate Agent! Early days and all that, but I have a feeling I won't regret it. This people person now deals with real people! Yeah!

Then of course I had already built a community hub with Clare, our UnFrench and over the years that has taken hold and found its feet. It has also offered me new friendships.

I do feel like a lucky girl.

The ladies that make my life here without my 'Other Half' know who they are. Thank you.

We all need friends to survive in our new home.

In the Expat world here, I've met some jaded expats, who can't wait to tell you the problems not the solutions. Who are possibly nearing the end of their journey here and have forgotten how it was to start afresh!

I say to them......tread carefully on other folks dreams please.

Of course I've had to learn lessons in diplomacy whilst building this community. Being an Ex Army wife I already had many of the relevant coping and social skills to help. However, like most of you, I have zero time for competition, bitchiness or nasty gossip. I'm afraid starting a new life does not bring promise that people you meet won't rock your boat. You just have to learn to avoid them! I don't think any of us need friends for friends sake.

The admin team at UnFrench HQ are added to a private group and to be honest it has become not just a virtual office for us but a safe harbour. We support each other, chat about our day from different parts of France and the rest of the world. It is quite magical.

We range from 30 to over 60 and it works very well. Most of all we laugh an awful lot and one of the admin is always on the naughty step! Won't say who, of course!

I think my only advice at this time, not even one month on from landing here again, is 'have a little patience'................and you don't need to thank me for the TAKE THAT earworm, its my gift to you!

More soon oh and hang in there won't you!

D x

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