Feels like summer....

Gosh I've been busy and also feeling very guilty for neglecting you all! So sorry. Hang in there with me please, I'm busy learning the craft of a commercial agent in France. Lots to learn and it really feels very new. I know a lot about social media, marketing and PR but bugger all about estate agency and as you know there's a lot of paperwork to manage, as is the French way. Of course I have a very capable, talented team that can work very well without me but I do miss them. I'm also truly grateful for their ability not to rock the boat which sounds like an odd statement to make, but we have had a couple of admin that were all for the drama and not for the good of each other or the community. The team now, is very established and friends for life I expect. We all rely heavily on each other and that's such a blessing to us all. They keep things trucking and I adore them for their loyalty and commitment but mostly because of the camaraderie we enjoy together! I'm so lucky to have so many sisters!

Meanwhile, him and I have also been at The Wreck a lot recently and we are getting it ready to sell. He's finally agreed. It's time. I'm building up a client list in Normandy not Pays De La loire. So it makes sense. It will make a lovely home and exciting project for a new family. I'm sure. We were just meant to caretake her for a while. It's such a trek from here too, a real bind when we don't have the time to spare. I feel guilty calling it a 'wreck' when it really isn't. I've seen actual wrecks recently and they really are just shells with a hints of a roof!

Our main jobs right now are to tidy up, which should have been done by the caretaker but it wasn't. Not happy, but we live and learn. Trust is a big thing and once broken it's just not fixable. Thats life isn't it? No point crying over spilt milk is there? Anyway, I digress. Next is to repair the barn roof and concrete the floor. Then re commission the heating in the house, test the water and electrics and make it seem habitable. That will be it really.

Life is a bit of a rollercoaster at times eh!

We have been tentatively looking at 'forever homes' whilst we have the chance. I'm hoping we have two family favourites in the running, both over budget, typically! I think if we don't manage to agree to buy one of these homes before he goes away again, we'll have to forget it for a couple of years and rent a bigger place until he retires in late 2022. It's not that long away! I guess it all hangs on getting an offer accepted and all the other 'gubbings', such as decent mortgage offer! Finance in France is rather baffling at times. I know we both want a project but not now.

Meanwhile, the sweet but tiny rental cottage feels a bit cramped. Three adults and two dogs in residence full time, not really a match made in heaven, especially with us all working from home. We often compare bumps and bruises from tripping over each other, shoes left in the way or the dogs lying in the small walkways. It can get a bit fraught at times. We always knew it wasn't long term thing but COVID has definitely complicated our current living arrangements.

The weather has been spectacular again, but even the stone cottage is getting a bit warm, especially at night. It was off with the quilt today and I replaced it with cool sheets, so it will probably snow now eh!

This morning we did our usual 5 mile walk, but didn't really take into account the heat of the mid morning and by the time we were done I was a little dehydrated. We absolutely have to walk off the Teens constant baking treats but we must get savvy timing wise, take water, cover heads and blather on the factor 30!

Gosh what I wouldn't do for a pool right now, for me and for Fizz.

Fizz is what, less than 18 months old and is on her 3rd season! It's a real chore! We've had some shenanigans between the two dogs, I'm not best pleased but thankfully he can't do any damage. Still, for her welfare she must be fixed and soon. The first time she came on heat she was very young and we didn't expect it. Caught out if you like. The second time we were moving and it came so soon after her never ending first season, we were surprised yet again and this time during COVID we could do much about it. I've already arranged for the vets appointment in a couple of weeks, poor thing but it's for the best.

Anyway, I shall be away to my bed for tomorrow is another long day at The Wreck!

Stay safe!

Night folks!

D x


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