Flying Solo!

Tea for one?

I know it's almost been a week since my last blog, sorry! I've had an eventful week, which I can hardly remember now. Might be an age thing, who knows but I have had an awful eye infection and a few tummy issues. Might be the change in food and water, not sure but it's not been a great first week of 'flying solo' in France.

Do you ever get a moment post move, where you think 'what the hell was I thinking?'.....I do and have! No exceptions. I've moved so many times that I now know it to be perfectly normal. I don't worry too much. I know it will pass and I will be okay down the line.

I guess it's always been the weekends that I miss having my other half or family around me. Worse when I'm not feeling a hundred percent. Keeping busy is key to survival, no, more than that, it's key to thriving in a new country.

Last week, I met up with my regional colleagues which was nice. I'm still very excited about my new career as a French Property Agent. There's a lot to learn and I still have another mini move to do, before I can get on with it properly. I've got two weeks left in the AIRBNB and then hopefully my shipping will have arrived? I know when it's due but have no notice on when it will be delivered?

Apart from that question mark, a lot of the furniture is actually too big, for the cottage hobbit sized proportions. So, I have decided to do some BROCANTING......not sure if that is even a word but who cares! I'm totally new to Brocanting! A 'BROCANTING VIRGIN' if you like, yet to fall in love with it! However, it was a total joy watching UnFrench Helen scurry around looking for hidden treasures for her business.

I have list of what I need, but need to do a little more digging to find my own buried treasures. Lets face it, these time worn treasures are worth another shot at life. Good for the planet to see all that furniture and 'brick a brack' reused! I didn't buy much this time round, just a meat serving platter. I didn't really need. I also held on to a rather raunchy painting I quite fancied for a while. but got cold feet at the till and put it back. I think I really need to furnish the cottage first before adding the accessories, don't you? I have time.

I seem to have driven all over Normandy this past week in my clever little hire car, which with one working eye was a blessing! It is all singing, all dancing and has every Whizz bang feature under the sun, which really means a lot of lights and beeping! Still, I'm looking forward to being back in my own simple motor as well as my own bed, soon! Oh and to be in my own kitchen, however make do that will be.......bliss!

Heading into week four of AIBNB living is loosing its shine now. I know when I start buying things like frying pans and decent sized wine glasses, it's time to go. I'm ready for the next part and also getting pretty excited about house hunting again. No rush, I know, but I'm still eager for roots, to feel settled, at home and at peace. I'd like to have secured something by the end of the year, pretty much like half of Britain right now, who seem to want to leave the sinking ship and head for France!

Good on em!

I must admit the wind and rain is irritating me a little now. Time for some sun and daffodils please! I know it's time as I'm craving Rhubarb! I've done two Canadian winters and so therefore I'm due a bloody break from shitty weather! Just saying!

Long drive to Paris a week today to pick 'Him in Doors' up with the other missing link, Fiizy, the mad cocker spaniel! Soon be March then Easter and on with the better weather and France won't be so sleepy anymore!

D x

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