Fools Rush In...

So the truth is, that the 'outward bound' cabin by the lakes holiday, was a bit of a disaster all round!

Why do us women think that the 17 something kids, actually want, to spend time with us old folk?

No clue!

Time to loosen the apron strings a bit, I think!

Yesterday morning, I looked at the poor Teen's with their faces stuck endlessly to their phones and declared an amnesty!

Time to pack up and go home!

Yes, a full day and night early, but I figured we were all done with it! I know I was!

The thing is, Teenage Millennial's don't live in the real world and 'anything' is a bit too much effort, right?

Generation Y, are not great spending time separated from any type of screen and the great Canadian outdoors was really lost on the pair of them!

Maybe I should have employed a phone ban..........turned the WIFI off? Hind sight is a wonderful thing!

Anyway, the trip was complete waste of time and money, sadly.

To be fair the weather was harsh, too hot, too humid, the bugs never stopped attacking and problems with the car, made us look and feel like the Beverly Hillbillies on vacation!

The Clampetts on the move!


Not only that, but we got caught in community angst between those that buy for investment and rent to holiday makers (Airbnb and such) and the folk living for real in Hidden Valley, 365 days a year!

Real Estate in Ontario is quite something at the moment and it's no different near the lakes, just two and a half hours down the road. Houses fly off the shelves and whole communities are decimated by on/off shore investors buying everything in sight, just to let out to holiday makers.

It's sad really!

You could tell the neighbours next door to us weren't impressed, with new people and animals next door yet again! How? Well, they had put up a for sale sign!

I understand completely.

The cottage we stayed in was the same one we used in May, only it's definitely had high traffic through it since......the carpets downstairs were a bit damp, stained and cheesy. Needed a really good deep clean.

The downstairs carpets were quite damp, when we arrived which was odd. Either they had just been shampooed badly or the house was actually damp, not sure which?.

I know it's quite tough being a dog friendly holiday let and keeping things sparking clean, during peak season.

We take our dog crates with us and often a baby gate or two, to ensure they are contained. I know not everyone does this but they should.

Also, we were left with bleach stained towels and not enough of them. I packed some so it wasn't an issue really but no A/C and no fans to cool us down?


The cottage was so hot when we arrived, so uncomfortable. The first night we finally fell asleep at 4am as the heat in the house was just too oppressive.

This is what happens when owners of holiday lets, take their eyes off the ball!

It really is a tough job keeping holiday lets in fine fettle! I know only too well from past experience!

Anyway, I digress! What the teens actually needed was a 'resort', a bar, music, water sports on tap and some freedom, not a 6 hour canoe trek!

Silly Mummy!

I am happy to admit I got it wrong for them.

Never mind! We 'big kids' really enjoyed ourselves and would do it all again but without the Teenage monsters in tow, of course.

Oh well, It is done now and we have returned to the city limits. I'm so glad to be home and I think they are too!

A night in my own bed was just what the doctor ordered, nothing like it!

Today, is another day and I've shoved the kids off, exploring Toronto. My Teen will be happily shopping, her favourite pastime of course. Her BF will be carrying her bags, I'm sure!

All's well that ends well and all that.......only the problematic car wheel and air con are on going. Bringing a UK Range Rover (right hand drive) here, seemed clever but in reality it's a complete pain in the bum getting the parts.

I still haven't had my birthday night out and I actually complained quite loudly to him last night, that I haven't worn a pretty dress and heels in such a long time.

Not on really!

Probably time to plan a trip back to France for some proper R&R?

Just him and I!

Visit a Chateau or two?

News Flash!

Have you seen we have Erin and Jean-Baptiste from Chateau De Bourneau (Escape to the Chateau DIY fame) onboard now?

I know, right!

They will be regaling us with tales from the Chateau, as Honorary 'UnFrenchies' from mine and Sheryl's neck of the woods, in Pays de la loire! So lucky aren't we!

A big thank you to UnFrench Sheryl (Ciderbarn Brocante) for bringing them home to us!

It was our sincere wish to bring you all things 'Expats Living the dream' in France and we absolutely are, bringing you the prettiest Chateau and loveliest owners you could imagine!

Welcome to the Unfrench Community; Unfrench Chatelaine and VeryFrench JB!

More to come!


D x

Tales from Toronto

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